List of Largest Church Buildings in the World

List of Largest Church Buildings in the World:-

Church is a building used for Christian religious activities, particularly worship services. The term in its architectural sense is most often used by Christians to refer to their religious buildings, but it is sometimes used (by analogy) for buildings of other religions. In traditional Christian architecture, the church is often arranged in the shape of a Christian cross. When viewed from plan view the longest part of a cross is represented by the aisle and the junction of the cross is located at the altar area.

Towers or domes are often added with the intention of directing the eye of the viewer towards the heavens and inspiring church visitors. Modern church buildings have a variety of architectural styles and layouts; many buildings that were designed for other purposes have now been converted for church use; and, similarly, many original church buildings have been put to other uses.

The earliest identified Christian church was a house church founded between 233 and 256. During the 11th through 14th centuries, a wave of building of cathedrals and smaller parish churches occurred across Western Europe. A cathedral is a church, usually Roman Catholic, Anglican, Oriental Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox, housing the seat of a bishop.

Read list of largest churches buidling in the World that attract millions of peoples to visit yearly:-

Name Area(m²) Built/Year Country/Nation
St. Peter’s Basilica 15,160 (Interior), 21,095(Exterior) 1506–1626 Vatican City
Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida 12,000 1955–80 Brazil
First Family Church 11,600 United States
Seville Cathedral 11,520 1401–1528 Spain
Cathedral of Saint John the Divine 11,200 1892–Present (unfinished) United States
Milan Cathedral 10,186 1386–1965 Italy
Abbey of Santa Giustina 9,717 1501–1606 Italy
Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń 9,240 1994–2004 Poland
Liverpool Cathedral 9,687 1904–78 United Kingdom
Church of the Most Holy Trinity 8,700 2004-2007 Portugal
Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls 8,515 IV–1823 Italy
Basilica-Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar 8,318 1681–1872 Spain
Florence Cathedral 8,300 1296–1436 Italy
Ulm Minster 8,260 1377–1890 Germany
Basilica of the Sacred Heart 8,000 1905–70 Belgium
Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe 8,167 1974–76 Mexico
Cathedral of Our Lady 8,000 1352–1521 Belgium
Rio de Janeiro Cathedral 8,000 1964-1976 Brazil
Basilica of Our Lady of Peace 7,989 (Interior), 30,000 (Exterior) 1985–89 Ivory Coast
Hagia Sophia 7,960 532–537 Turkey
San Petronio Basilica[23] 7,920 1390–1479 Italy
Cologne Cathedral 7,914 1248–1880 Germany
St Paul’s Cathedral 7,875 1677–1708 United Kingdom
Washington National Cathedral 7,712 1907–90 United States
Amiens Cathedral 7,700 1220–70 France
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception 7097 (Interior), 12,069 (Exterior) 1919–61 United States
Saint Joseph’s Oratory 6,825 1904–67 Canada
Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral 6,732 1573-1813 Mexico
Reims Cathedral 6,650 1211–75 France
Strasbourg Cathedral 6,044 1015–1439 France
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels 6,038 1998–2002 United States
De Hoeksteen, Barneveld 6,020 2007–08 Netherlands
Bourges Cathedral 5,900 1195-1230 France
Esztergom Basilica 5,600 1822–69 Hungary
Notre Dame de Paris 5,500 1163–1345 France
Sagrada Familia 5,400 1882–Present Spain
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour 5,240 1839–1883 Russia
New Cathedral, Linz 5,170 1862–1924 Austria
Westminster Cathedral 5,017 1895–1910 United Kingdom
St. Mary’s Church[29] 5,000 1343–1502 Poland
Holy Trinity Cathedral 5,000 1995–2004 Georgia
Winchester Cathedral 4,968 1079–1525 United Kingdom
Basilica de San Martin de Tours (Taal) 4,320 1856–78 Philippines
Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire 4,273 1083–1375 United Kingdom
Frauenkirche 4,188 1468–1525 Germany
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral 4,000 1818–1858 Russia
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, Yerevan 3,822 1997–2001 Armenia
Church of Saint Sava 3,650 1935–89 Serbia
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral 3,170 1882–1912 Bulgaria
Medak Cathedral 2,800 1914–26 India
Our Lady of Dolours Syro-Malabar Catholic Basilica 2,300 1929-2005 India
Basilica of St. John the Baptist 2,135 1839–55 Canada
All Saints Cathedral, Halifax 1,760 1907–10 Canada
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