List of Minerals and Producing Countries

Lets know about list of Minerals and producing countries

Mineral Major producing countries
Iron Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, China, UK. S. A.
Copper Chile,  United state of America, Canada, Zambia
Bauxite Australia, Guinea, Jamaica, Brazil
Tin Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Bolivia
Manganese Ukraine, Gabon, South Africa, Brazil
Zinc United state of America, Canada, Japan, Peru
Gold South Africa, Peru,  United state of America, Canada
Silver Mexico, Peru,  United state of America, Canada
Diamond South Africa, Belgium, Congo, Ghana
Mercury Spain, China,  United state of America
Lead  United state of America, Australia, Canada, Japan
Mica India (80% of the world), Brazil, United state of America
Thorium Brazil, Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
Uranium Canada, South Africa,  United state of America, India
Tungsten China, Russia
Platinum Canada, South Africa
Chromium South Africa, Zimbabwe
Petroleum United state of America, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran
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