List of Miscellaneous Acronyms of Indian Railways

List of miscellaneous acronyms and abbreviations and full form for all types of terms and terminology used in/for Indian Railways.
Acronyms/AbbreviationFull form of Acronyms and Abbrevation
ACCAir-Conditioned coach or class
ACCCAir-Conditioned Chair Car
ACPAlarm Chain Pulling (!)
ADE, ADEN Assistant Divisional Engineer
ADEEAssistant Divisional Electrical Engineer
ADMEAssistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer
AE, AEN Assistant Engineer (see also Technical terms above)
AECAccident Enquiry Committee
ALKAllowance in Lieu of Kilometrage (in calculating payments for drivers)
ARMVAccident Relief Medical Van
ARTAccident Relief Train
ARTSAdvanced Railway Ticketing System
ASMAssistant Station Master
AWAuxiliary Watering (in working timetables)
AWSAuxiliary Warning System
BESABritish Engineering Standards Association
BGBroad Gauge
BIO-TOIL'Biological Toilet' - eco-friendly toilet with bacterial decomposition facility developed by ICF for use on railway coaches.
B/LBranch Line
BOLTBuild-Own-Lease-Transfer: private ownership/operation scheme for various freight & passenger services and infrastructure.
BPSBlue Parcel Service
CA&FOChief Accounting and Finance Officer
CARSCentral Accounting and Reporting System (consolidated reports of ARTS ticketing during the day)
CBOCity Booking Office
CCChair Car
CCSChief Commercial Superintendent
CCTVClosed-Circuit TV
CEEChief Electrical Engineer
CFTSChief Freight Traffic Superintendent
CFSContainer Freight Station
CHACustom House Agent
CMEChief Mechanical Engineer
COISCoaching Operations Information System
Conc.Concessional fare (annotation on ticket)
CARTRAC(not really an acronym) CONCOR's automobile transport service
CONCERTCOuntrywide Network of Computerised Enhanced Reservation and Ticketing
CONTRACK(not really an acronym) CONCOR's container freight service
COWCareer On Wheels: informal classrooms for teaching English, etc., on board trains
CRSChief Reservations Supervisor, Computerised Reservation System Commissioner of Rail Safety
CTControl Tower
CTICentral Training Institute
CTRCombined Train Report
CTUCentralized Training Unit
CVMCoupon Validating Machine (for ticketing with prepaid coupons)
C&WCarriage & Wagon (staff for plumbing, electricals, amenities)
CWCarriage Watering facilities (in working timetables)
DALDelhi Avoiding Line, a route for goods trains to avoid the central New Delhi area.
DCTDomestic Container Terminal (as opposed to the ones equipped for international freight)
DEEDivisional Electrical Engineer (Sr. DEE = Senior Divisional Electrical Engineer)
DFDevelopment Fund
DFCDedicated Freight Corridor
DFDefence quota
DMEDivisional Mechanical Engineer
DPDuty Pass
DRFDepreciation Reserve Fund
DRMDivisional Railway Manager
DRUCCDivisional (or District) Rail Users Consultative Committee
DSCDual-stacked (or double-stacked) containers
E/AExtra time Allowed (slack in train's schedule for a section)
EC or ECCExecutive Chair Car
ECREmpty Coaching Rake
EFCEastern Freight Corridor
EQEmergency Quota
ESCAPEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESMElectronic Signal Maintainer
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
EYEmpty rake (on train monitoring systems)
FForward journey (in train number annotations)
FCFirst Class, also Financial Commissioner, also Freight Corridor
FEDLFully Electrified Double Line
FOBFoot Overbridge (a pedestrian overpass); Fuel Oil Balance
FOISFreight Operation Information System
FREDFlashing Rear End Device (a warning lamp at the rear of a train)
FTForeign Tourist (annotation on reservation charts)
GALGoods Avoiding Line
GITGoods Intermodal Transshipment (e.g., "GIT yard")
GMGeneral Manager
GRGeneral Rules (railway regulations and operating procedures)
GRPGovernment Railway Police
GSAGeneral Sales Agent (for bookings and Indrail passes sold abroad)
GTKMGross Tonne KM
HDRHigh-Density Route
HDNHigh-Density Network ('Golden quadrilateral' and others)
HOHead Office (a type of quota for tickets)
HPHandicapped Persons quota
HSRLHigh Speed Rail Line (or Link)
IBPIntermediate Block Post
ICInspection Carriage (Saloon)
ICDInland Container Depot
ICTTInternational Container Transshipment Terminal
I-ASKInter-Active Status Kiosk (to check reservation / train status)
IMPRESSIntegrated Multi-train Passenger REServation System
IOHIntermediate Overhaul
IOWInspector of Works
IRMPIntegrated Railway Modernization Plan
IRPIndrail Pass
IRSIndian Railway Standard (pre-Independence railway standards body)
IRVSInteractive Voice Response System
JOHJunction of Head - point where the tongue rail approaches the main rail in a switch
JUSBRLJammu Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Rail Link (Kashmir Valley railway project)
LBLower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
LCLevel Crossing
LHFLong Hood Forward
LHLLong Hood Leading
LILoco Inspector
L/LLocal Line
LQLadies Quota
LRTLight Rail Transit
LVLast Vehicle
MBMiddle Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
MCOMilitary Control Office (coordinates ticketing and accommodation for military personnel at some railway stations)
M/EMail/Express (on tickets)
MGMeter Gauge, also Motor Generator
MGCMekong Ganga Cooperation group, an association of India and south-east Asian countries, which among other things aim to build a rail link from India to Vietnam.
M/LMain Line
MOWMaintenance of Way
MRTMedical Relief Train (self-propelled medical van for accidents)
MRTCMobile Radio Train Communication
MSLMean Sea Level
MTPMetropolitan Transport Project (body studying Calcutta's transit problems in the 1960's)
NETRANetwork of Electrification -- Testing and Recording Apparatus
NGNarrow Gauge
NLTNot Losing Time
NMGNew Maruti Goods / New Modified Goods (wagons)
NOSTRACNorth-South Transport Corridor (proposed Central Asia - Iran - India link)
NPNon-pooled (referring to freight stock)
NR'Not Received' (referring to freight consignments delayed or missing in transit)
NRCNon-railway Customer (any customer other than the zonal railways, for the products of CLW, DLW, etc.)
NTESNational Train Enquiry System (phone-based train/reservation status)
NTKMNet Tonne-Kilometer
NVNon-Vegetarian (meal or restaurant)
NVOCCNon-Vehicle Owning/Operating Common Carrier
OCVOther Coaching Vehicle
OIGSOn India Government Service (for mail, etc.)
Ordy.Ordinary = Stopping passenger (on tickets)
OSDOfficer on Special Duty
OYWSOwn Your Wagon Scheme
PARParcel Service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency)
PCVPassenger Coaching Vehicle
PFPlatform (sometimes P/F)
PHParliamentary Quota
PNRPassenger Name Record (Passenger Numeric Record?) (identifying number for ticket)
POHPeriodic Overhaul
POLPetroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (designation for oil cargo)
PQPooled Quota
PQWLPooled Quota Waiting List
PRSPassenger Reservation System
PSPassenger Service (in indicating kinds of bookings available at ticket agency)
PSCTPort-side Container Terminal
PUProduction Unit
PWIPermanent Way Inspector
RReturn journey (in train number annotations)
RARunning Allowance (in calculating drivers' pay)
RACReservation Against Cancellation
RCCRailway Convention Committee (also see above)
R Fee, Res Fee Reservation fee (annotation on ticket)
RJQReturn Journey Quota
RLWLRunning Line Waiting List
RMSRailway Mail Service
ROBRoad Over-bridge (i.e., road goes over train tracks)
ROHRoutine Overhaul
RO-RO (RORO)Roll-on, roll-off service (auto transport)
ROWRight of Way
RPFRailway Pension Fund (also see above, organizations)
RRRailway Receipt, Refreshment Room
RRFRailway Reserve Fund
RTRReady-to-Run (modelling kits)
RTSARail Travellers' Service Agents
RUBRoad Under-bridge (i.e., road goes under train tracks)
SATISStation Area Traffic Improvement Scheme
S Ch, SF Ch Superfast Charges (annotation on ticket)
SCRASpecial Class Railway Apprentice
SEBState Electricity Board (any of the state bodies supplying electricity to IR)
Sh. CCShatabdi Chair Car
SHFShort Hood Forward
SHLShort Hood Leading
SILSafety Integrity Level - statistical measure of reliability of a safety system such as an interlocking system
SLBSide Lower Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
SMStation Master
SPARTSelf-Propelled Accident Relief Train - 3-coach accident relief rakes with two diesel power packs
SPURTSelf-Propelled Ultrasonic Rail Testing cars
SRSubsidiary Rules (for railway operation, see GR)
SRUCCSuburban Rail Users Consultative Committee (for Mumbai suburban services)
SSStation Superintendent; Substation (electrification)
SSDSpring Setting Device - spring-loaded mechanism on some switches to ensure proper alignment of tongue and stock rails
SSESenior Section Engineer
S&TSignalling & Telecommunications
STASuburban Traffic Avoiding line : the fifth line between Borivali and Bandra Marshalling Yard, and between Mahim Junction and Mumbai Central in the Mumbai system.
SUBSide Upper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
TAAGTrains At A Glance (a timetable publication)
TARTrans-Asian Railway (another proposed grand pan-Asian route)
TBOTown Booking Office
TCTrailer Car (unpowered car in EMU rake), Ticket Checker / Ticket Collector
TCFTrain Coming From (condition of block instrument)
TDRTicket Deposit Receipt (when surrendering ticket for cancellation / refund)
TEUTwenty-foot Equivalent Unit (for measuring container traffic; a standard 40-foot container is 2 TEUs)
TGTTrain Going To (condition of block instrument)
TMSTrain Management System
TRSTraction Rolling Stock
TSTrain Superintendent
TTETravelling Ticket Examiner
TQTatkal Quota
TXRTrain Examiner, the officer who issues the BPC and VCC (Train Inspector)
UBUpper Berth (annotation on ticket for sleeping accommodation)
UECUniversal Emergency Communication (a system of on-board communication in some trains)
VVegetarian (meal or restaurant)
V Ch, Vou Ch Voucher charges (annotation on ticket)
VGVegetarian (meal or restaurant), also Vehicle Guidance (the record of identifying numbers for coaches/wagons that make up a train)
VLRRVegetarian Light Refreshment Room
VTVictoria Terminus (now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus)
WFCWestern Freight Corridor
WL, W/L Waiting List; Wait-Listed (ticket issued without confirmed accommodations)
(Also as a sign: Whistle on approach to Level crossing!)
WMWorks Manager
W/TWithout Ticket
ZDOTZero Death On Tracks (campaign to reduce fatalities from pedestrian trespassers)
ZISTUZonal Integrated S&T Units
ZTCZonal Training Centre
2TTwo-tier (as in "AC-2T" = airconditioned two-tier coach)
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