List of Parts and Articles of consitution

Parts Description
Part 1Article 1-4 The Union and the territories, the creation of new state
Part-2 Article 5-11 Citizenship
Part -3 Article 12-35 Fundamental Rights
Part-4 Article 36-51 Directive Principles of State Policy
Part 4 Article 51A Fundamental duty (This was added to 42th amendment 1976)
Part-5 Article 52-151 Related to the federal government
Part-6 Article 152-237 Related to State
Part-7 Article 238 This is connected to Part B First paragraph. This was eliminated from 7th Amendment in 1956.
Part -8 Article 239-242 Union territory administration
Part-9 Article 243-243 O JURY
Part-9 (a) Article 243 P-243 ZG Municipality
Part -18 Article 352-360 Emergency provisions
Part -19 Article 361-367 Miscellaneous
Part -20 Article 368 Constitution Amendment
Part -21 Article 369-392 temporary, change and particular law
Part -22 Article 393 Abbreviation of beginning, authoritative text in Hindi and Repeal
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