List of Sources of vitamins lack of action and effects

Lets learn about the of common but important information about Vitamins which play a major role in body. Find below the list of sources of vitamins, it’s lack of action and effects.

Name Source of Vitamins
Physiology Effect Effect of reduction
Vitamin-A Milk, butter, eggs, liver and fish oil Veins synthesis of vision, growth and development of Apithilliami levels Building squamous cells of the cornea and skin, night blindness, frustrated rise
Vitamin -D Butter, liver and fish oil, kidneys, eggs, skin and on top, photosynthesis in sunlight Business calcium phosphorus metabolism, growth of bones and teeth Drought disease in children, in adults Ostiaomailesia
Vitamin E (Tokoferol) Oil, wheat, egg yolk and soybeans Epicyte protection, genetic enhancement of epithelium, muscle function Lack of fertility, genital and muscle weakening
Vitamin– k (Nefthokvinon or Fillokvinon) Green leaves, egg, liver, tomatoes, cabbage, soybeans, intestinal bacteria In liver synthesis of prothrombin The blood clot injury or discharge of blood from freezing over
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) Cereals, legumes, soybeans, milk, yeast, egg, meat Carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism enzymes necessary for the co-enzyme Beri-beri
Vitamin B2 (Raiboflavin) Cheese, eggs, yeast, green, leaves, meat and liver Hsieh-enzyme important in metabolism, tearing and components of FMN Cilosis
Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) Yeast, Mason, liver, fish, egg, Did, peas, nuts and legumes Hsieh-enzyme NAD and NADP important component of metabolism Pellagra
Vitamin B5 (Pantothynik acid) Poultry, meat, liver, milk, tomatoes, peanuts and sugarcane Hsieh-enzyme component of catabolism Skin diseases, increased work, gray, ulcers and low fertility
Vitamin B6 (Pairodoksin) Yeast, meat, liver, milk, fish, cereals Existence of essential enzymes in protein metabolism enzyme Hematology impairment, skin diseases and muscular spasm
H or vitamin B7 (biotin) Meat, wheat, egg, peanuts, chocolate, vegetable, fruit, and yeast Amina and fatty acid synthesis reactions, including other substances Hsieh-enzyme Skin diseases, hair loss
Vitamin B12 (Saynokobol-Amine) Meat, fish, eggs, liver, milk, vegetables, gut bacteria Rrudiranuo build growth, Nuklik acid synthesis Hematology impairment, nervous system disturbances
Vitamins Ascorbic acid) Citrus fruits, tomatoes, vegetables, potatoes, other fruits Inter-cellular cement, collagen fibers, the matrix of the bones, teeth dentin build Scurvy
Folic acid Green leaves, liver, soybeans, yeast, kidney, legumes, gut bacteria Rudiranuo rise building, DNA synthesis Hematology impairment, dull wit
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