Madhya-Pradesh-P.S.C-Pre-Exam.,2009 of Political Science

Madhya Pradesh P.S.C. (Pre.) Exam., 2009
(Held on 9-5-2009)
Political Science
(Ans. Is Bold)

1. Politics is that part of social science which treats the foundations of state and principles of government.” Who has given this statement?

  1. Seeley
  2. Garner
  3. Paul jennet
  4. Lea Cock

2. Who among the following pioneered the study of Political Science with Psychology?

  1. S.M. Lipset
  2. Walter Bagehot
  3. Barker
  4. Laski

3. Behaviourism was a tendency in Political Science that—

  1. Based political science on human nature
  2. Attempted to convert political science in natural science
  3. Rejected the concept of power for the concept of process
  4. Replaced explanation for norms

4. Political is the authoritative allocation of values that are binding on the society. ”Who has made this statement?

  1. David Easton
  2. Gabriel almond
  3. Frederick Pollock
  4. R.G. Gettell

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