Afghanistan’s first woman governor and a Myanmar civil society organiser, who both helped families displaced by conflict in their home nations, are among five winners of Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize this year announced on July 24 in Manila. The winner are:

  • Afghanistan’s Habiba Sarabi a 57-year-old doctor, who is currently the governor of Bamyan province since 2005 for her “bold exercise of leadership to build up a functioning provincial government against great odds”.
  • The 64-year-old widow, founder of the largest civil society grouping the military-rule country, Myanmar, Lalpai Seng Raw for her “quietly inspiring and inclusive leadership in the midst of deep ethnic divides and prolonged armed conflict.”
  • Eresto Dominog, a 76-year-old Filipino, doctor who saved millions from life-threatening illness by vaccinating babies against hepatitis B and almost eliminating the chance of their getting infected.
  • Indonesia’s independent anti-corruption government body, the Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK), which has a 100-per cent rate of conviction of corrupt officials and has recovered $80 millions in stolen assetss.
  • Nepal’s Shakti Samuha, a groups that combats human trafficking and helped rebuild the lives. The winners will received prize of $50,000 each at a ceremony set for August 31 in Manila.
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