List of Major Gulfs of the World

List of Major Gulfs of the World:-

What is Gulf?
A gulf is a body of water that is connected to a sea or ocean. There will be land partially surrounding the water, but it is larger than a bay.

What is the difference between Gulf and Bay?
Both have the same characteristics. In technical terms, both a gulf and a bay are the same things, and the only difference that is pointed out is in the size. A gulf is much larger than a bay. Gulfs are large bodies of water that have only a narrow entrance along a strait. A bay is also a large body of water that has a wider opening than a gulf.
Though it has been said that a bay is smaller than a gulf, there are many exceptions. The Bay of Bengal, about the size of the Arabian Sea, is much larger than the Gulf of Mexico.

Major Gulfs of the World with related Country:

Gulf Connecting Water Body Country
Gulf of Oman Arabian Sea Oman and Iran
Gulf of Aden Arabian Sea ( Indian Ocean) Yemen
Gulf of Kachchh (Kutch) Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean) India
Gulf of Khambat (Cambay) Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean) India
Gulf of Persia Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean) Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Gulf of Carpentaria Arafura Sea, (Indian Ocean) Australia
Gulf of Mexico Atlantic Ocean Mexico and USA
Gulf of Bothnia Baltic Sea Sweden and Finland
Gulf of Riga Baltic Sea Estonia and Latvia
Gulf of Martaban Bay of Bengal (Indian Ocean) Myanmar
Gulf of Amundsen Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean) Canada
Gulf of Darien Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) Panama and Venezuela
Gulf of Honduras Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) Mexico
Gulf of Papua Coral Sea South Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Joseph Bonaparte Indian Ocean Western Australia
Gulf of Mannar Indian Ocean India and Sri Lanka
Gulf of Gabes Mediterranean Sea Libya and Tunisia
Gulf of Lyons Mediterranean Sea France and Spain
Gulf of Sirte Mediterranean Sea Libya
Gulf of St. Lawrence North Atlantic Ocean Canada
Gulf of Alaska Pacific Ocean Canada and USA
Gulf of California Pacific Ocean Mexico
Gulf of Guayaquil Pacific Ocean Ecuador and Peru
Gulf of Panama Pacific Ocean Panama
Gulf of Thailand Pacific Ocean Thailand and Cambodia
Gulf of Aqabah (Aqba) Red Sea Egypt and Israel
Gulf of Tatary Sea of Japan (Pacific Ocean) Russia
Gulf of San Jorge South Atlantic Ocean Argentina
Gulf of San Matias South Atlantic Ocean Argentina
Gulf of Bo Hai Yellow Sea (Pacific Ocean) China
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