Major World Events in 2012

Major Events In Surrounding 2012

N Korea Launched Long Range Rocket. (12-11-2012)
Conflict between Israel and Gaza reignited. (11-11-2012)
Obama Reelected Second Term as US President. (11-05-2012)
US Ambassador Killed in Libya. (09-11-2012)
Rover Curiosity lands on Mars successfully. (08-01-2012)
Lodon Olympic Games 2012. (07-27-2012)
Gunman kills 14 at Batman Premiere in Denver. (07-19-2012)
Syria shot down Turkey Warplane. (06-23-2012)
Spain Accepts 100 Billion Euro Bailout Deal. (06-08-2012)
Vladimir Putin Elected as Russia President. (03-02-2012)
Quran burning incites deadly riots in Afghanistan. (02-20-2012)
Honduras prison fire kills over 300 inmates. (02-15-2012)
Whitney Houston passed away at 48. (02-11-2012)
Facebook IPO. (02-03-2012)
Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang resigns. (01-17-2012)
Luxury cruise ship runs aground in Italy, many dead. (01-13-2012)
Iran under International Oil Embargo. (01-10-2012)

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