Matric Level Combined Examination: Main

Applying for the Matric Level Combined Examination- Main Examination:

Once you make it through the Matric Level Combined Examination- Preliminary Examination, you will already be given authority to apply for the Matric Level Combined Examination- Main Examination which is usually held after the shortlisted applicants for the job vacancies are released. Since you were already able to submit the application forms needed before you even applied for the preliminary exam, there is no need to provide the same documentation during the main examination. But there is a specified application form that you need to submit to the Regional Director in order to confirm that you are pushing through with the main examination.

If in the preliminary examination you were only assigned topics on the following subjects: General Intelligence (100 points) and General Awareness (100 points); expect that there is a variation when it comes to the Matric Level Combined Examination- Main Examination because you will need to prove that you think above the other examinees.

In addition, in the Matric Level Combined Examination- Main Examination, be reminded that the schemes that will be utilized for the exam will be advertised in a separate manner. Furthermore, the type of examination that you should expect is under the descriptive category. Before you go to your chosen testing area, take note that you should have the certificate from the Commission stating that you are allowed to be admitted at the testing area in hand; otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter and take the test.

As an additional information, you should also be reminded that once you qualify for the Matric Level Combined Examination- Main Examination, you will need to undergo a Typewriting Test or sometimes a Stenography Test depending on the position that you are trying to fill in. The details as to which type of side examination you will be undertaking will be published and can be found on the Notice of the Main Examinations; so be sure to always check the page once you are already aware that you qualify for the main exams.

The details regarding the procedure on how they select the candidates can be found on the Staff Selection Commission’s office. Sometimes, they also include the detailed list once you have showed interest in applying for the vacant positions. Also, be reminded that not everyone who makes it to the main examination is granted a position because there are overwhelming numbers of applicant per opening period.

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