List of Important Deserts of the World

List of Important Deserts of the World

Do you know the most famous and important deserts of the world? Which and how many parts of the Earth is called deserts and what are their names? Let see below to know about the deserts..

Name Type Area (km²) Location
Antarctica Cold Winter 14,000,000 Antarctica
Sahara Subtropical 9,000,000+ North Africa (Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Eritrea, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger,Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara)
Arabian Desert Subtropical 2,330,000 Western Asia (Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emiratesand Yemen)
Gobi Desert Cold Winter 1,000,000 Central Asia (Mongolia)
Kalahari Desert Subtropical 900,000 Southern Africa (Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa)
Great Victoria Desert Subtropical 647,000 Australia
Patagonian Desert Cold Winter 620,000 South America (Argentina and Chile)
Syrian Desert Subtropical 520,000 Western Asia (Iraq, Jordan, and Syria)
Great Basin Desert Cold Winter 492,000 United States
Chihuahuan Desert Subtropical 450,000 North America (Mexico and United States)
Great Sandy Desert Subtropical 400,000 Australia
Karakum Desert Cold Winter 350,000 Turkmenistan
Colorado Plateau Cold Winter 337,000 United States
Sonoran Desert Subtropical 310,000 North America (Mexico and United States)
Kyzylkum Desert Cold Winter 300,000 Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan)
Taklamakan Desert Cold Winter 270,000 China
Thar Desert Subtropical 200,000 South Asia (India, Pakistan)
Gibson Desert Subtropical 156,000 Australia
Dasht-e Margo Subtropical 150,000 Afghanistan
Registan Desert Subtropical 146,000 Afghanistan
Simpson Desert Subtropical 145,000 Australia
Atacama Desert Cool Coastal 140,000 South America (Chile and Peru)
Mojave Desert Subtropical 124,000 United States
Namib Desert Cool Coastal 81,000 Southern Africa (Angola and Namibia)
Dasht-e Kavir Subtropical 77,000 Iran
Dasht-e Loot Subtropical 52,000 Iran
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