Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 1)

Question 1

Synonym of Vulgar?

Question 2

As many as _______ of the fortune 500 companies now have either set up offices in India or Outsource to Indian technology firms.  

Question 3

The first India to win PGA title of golf is-

Question 4

Who is the a of author ‘Godan’?

Question 5

A collection of programmes written to bring the hardware of a computer system into operation is

Question 6

The largest bird is

Question 7

According to U.N. Prediction India’s Population will reach its highesr figure in 2065 of

Question 8

26th January is India’s

Question 9

Synonym of Shackle?

Question 10

How much money Awardee gets with this award?

Question 11

In Which year former Indian President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam received the prestigiuos Bharat Ratna Award?

Question 12

No act for kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, was said by

Question 13

Which bird does not lay eggs?

Question 14

Who wrote the book ‘Aftershock Reshaping the World Economy after the Crisis?

Question 15

What is the term length of Supreme Court Judge?

Question 16

Who described Directive Principles of State policy as Novel Feature of the Constitution?

Question 17

In 2010 Leander Paes in Partnership with Cara Black won the Mixed Doubles title of-

Question 18

Which Viceroys of India used to write poems with the Pen name of “Owen Meredith”?

Question 19

World Foods Day is observed on-

Question 20

If you want to connect to your own computer through the internet from another location, you can use—

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