Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 10)

Question 1

…….. is the national flower of India.

Question 2

Parts of the earth's surface that are directly above the place where an earthquake starts

Question 3

The content of memory will not be lost, when the power goes off in-

Question 4

Under Article 155 of the Governor of a State is appointed by the

Question 5

Who was the president of India on first republic day?

Question 6

Estate Duty is

Question 7

A colourless substance especially used in jams and fruit juices as a preservative is

Question 8

He travels fastest who travels alone, was said by

Question 9

_________ is the information which is printed on to paper. The information usually comes from a computer or from a fax machine.

Question 10

Someone who makes predictions about what is going to happen in the future

Question 11

Nuclear Submarine Akula has been handed over to India recently by-

Question 12

Who was the winner of Dadasaheb Phalke Award in the year 2000?

Question 13

What is the full form of USB in case of computers?

Question 14

Magnum opus means

Question 15

Dakar is the capital of-

Question 16

Geoffrey Chaucer is called the Father of --------- poetry

Question 17

As per the Census 2011 the State with highest proportion of Urban Population was-

Question 18

The Six balls over in cricket was started in the year-

Question 19

Which bird does not lay eggs?

Question 20

_______ is a coloured light which can something be seen in the sky at night, especially in the Polar Regions.

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