Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 2)

Question 1

Synonym of Glitch?

Question 2

Antonym of Sophisticated?

Question 3

Forty winks is

Question 4

Synonym of Outrageous?

Question 5

Who decided the dispute regarding of Presidents?

Question 6

The manufacturing sector witnessed lowest growth rate during the year-

Question 7

If the length of the filament in an electric bulb is reduced, the latter will glow with intensity that is -

Question 8

“The President shall cause every recommendation made by the Finance Commission under the Provisions of this Constitution together with an explanatory memorandum as to the action taken thereon to be laid before each House of Parliament”, this has been stated under Article

Question 9

‘Nomadic Elephant’ was the joint military exercise held in India between India and-

Question 10

Geoffrey Chaucer is called the Father of --------- poetry

Question 11

Which is writs means ‘we command’?

Question 12

When the number of sellers is limited to a few only, but is more than two, such a market situation is called

Question 13

The city of Montreal is situated by the river

Question 14

Antonym of Stern?

Question 15

A brown or black tar-like subs- dance, a gaiety of bitumen, found in a nature state or obtained by evaporating petroleum is

Question 16

Kalidas Samman national award for classical dance was instituted by the

Question 17

The author pf the book adventures of tom sawyer is

Question 18

Which trophy is not associated with Badminton?

Question 19

Which one of the following Cricketer has been declared by the ICC as ‘Cricketer of the Twentieth Century’?

Question 20

Who are the recipients of Bharat Ratna?

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