Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 2)

Question 1

The Article related to Budget (annual) financial statement is-

Question 2

which component of blood is considered as the guard cell of our body?

Question 3

A la cart means

Question 4

Haute couture means

Question 5

The author of the book Tess of the durbervilles is

Question 6

The headquarters of World Trade organization (WTO) is located in-

Question 7

The book ‘The Masque of Africa’ is written by-

Question 8

The Constituent Assembly was set up under the

Question 9

The greatest number of individuals who can share a Nobel Prize is…

Question 10

The size of India’s economy would grow to _________of the US by 2050, with china becoming even bigger than the world’s current largest economy, according to a Price Water house Coopers report

Question 11

---------------is the highest civilian award in India and is given or exceptional work for the advancement of art, literature, science and in recognition of public services of the highest order.

Question 12

The Minimum membership of a Legislative Assembly should not be

Question 13

_____ is a group of invertebrates like earthworms, which have long, cylindrical, segmented bodies.

Question 14

How many types of blood group in human being ?

Question 15

Antonym of Hovel?

Question 16

Synonym of Feral?

Question 17

Synonym of Momentary?

Question 18

Dribbling is the sports term associated with

Question 19

Antonym of Reluctant?

Question 20

Arun Bajpayee is the youngest India to mount-

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