Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 2)

Question 1

Three - line whip is

Question 2

An unregulated market where the forces of competition amongst the buyers and sellers determine the prevailing price is

Question 3

Let is the sports term associated with

Question 4

_______ is a mineral with a rough, thread like texture and is a silicate.

Question 5

Synonym of Exuberance?

Question 6

Antonym of Outwit?

Question 7

Deuce is the sports term associated with

Question 8

Ipso facto means

Question 9

The Lower House of the State Legislative is

Question 10

When Bhart Ratna Award established at that time only the alive people were eligible for their national service. This criterion was changed in year-

Question 11

Walt Disney was the _______ cartoonist, the creator of Mickey Mouse and other cartoon films.

Question 12

What is the name of that Chief Justice who served their tenure only 17 days?

Question 13

Antonym of Tarnish?

Question 14

The highest judicial court in a state is the

Question 15

In Judaism what is the collective name of the five holy books?

Question 16

A technique of making milk safe for drinking by killing off any disease causing bacteria present in it is...

Question 17

In monocot plants leaves are generally:

Question 18

Synonym of Derogatory?

Question 19

Hemingway, the novelist was-

Question 20

Who was the first hindi writer to conferred with Jnanpith award?

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