Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 3)

Question 1

A centralised government

Question 2

Bifocal Lens was invented by

Question 3

Hemingway, the novelist was-

Question 4

India is the ------------- largest country in the world, with an area if 32, 82,263 sq. km. accounting for about 2.4 per cent of total world area.

Question 5

A.H.M Noman Khan who is one of the recipients of the 2010 Ramon Magsaysay Award is from-

Question 6

The national emblem of U.S.A. is

Question 7

Debasement is

Question 8

City of Seven Hills/ Eternal city is

Question 9

The largest sea animal (mammal) is

Question 10

Which was not an Independent Kingdom?

Question 11

India's participation in space research started in 1962 when Indian National Committee for space research was set up under the chairmanship of

Question 12

A steroid compound found in all animals, but not in plants is

Question 13

When Bhart Ratna Award established at that time only the alive people were eligible for their national service. This criterion was changed in year-

Question 14

Alberto Contador is world famous-

Question 15

(Legislative body) having two chambers

Question 16

The national emblem of Canada is

Question 17

Bill of Exchange is

Question 18

Who is the a of author ‘Godan’?

Question 19

Who won the World Snooker Title in May 2010?

Question 20

Where do buy Tickets for the India Republic Day Parade?

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