Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 3)

Question 1

Who is called the Father of the Indian Constitution?

Question 2

The author of the Time Machine is

Question 3

The Newzealander’s are also known as-

Question 4

Usain Bolt is a famous-

Question 5

Events that may or may not happen

Question 6

The study of animal is

Question 7

Dr. Zakir Hussain was

Question 8

Cardamom is mainly grown in

Question 9

Industrial revolution started first of all in which country?

Question 10

Making (something) better or like new again

Question 11

The other of the book the Canterbury Tales is

Question 12

The sign of medical aid (hospital) is

Question 13

What is the maximum number of judges of the Supreme Court of India including the Chief Justice?

Question 14

Which of the following person was first indian to conferred with Bharat Ratna Award and Nobel Prize?

Question 15

What else does the recipient get in addition to the money?

Question 16

Jump Ball is the sports term associated with

Question 17

The longest living creature is

Question 18

On a per capita basis, India’s GDP is what was in the USA in the

Question 19

The National emblem of Australia is

Question 20

The last state in the country which ultimately decided to introduce VAT for replacing Trade Tax is-

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