Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 3)

Question 1

The National symbol of USA is

Question 2

Estate Duty is

Question 3

There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune, was said by

Question 4

The new name of Zaire is

Question 5

The Chief Justice of Supreme Court is appointed by –

Question 6

The largest neck animal is

Question 7

The author of the book the count of Monte Cristo is

Question 8

The fastest animal at short run is

Question 9

Let is the sports term associated with

Question 10

Usain Bolt is a famous-

Question 11

After European Union, which another group of countries have come forward for adopting common currency?

Question 12

The fear of surgery

Question 13

Who was the founder of Nobel Prize?

Question 14

Of or relating to breathing or the organs of the body that are used in breathing

Question 15

Who was the first woman to win a nobel Prize?

Question 16

The withdrawal of currency of a certain denomination by the government is

Question 17

Onion is mainly grown in

Question 18

The national flag of the U.S.A. is

Question 19

The book ‘The Masque of Africa’ is written by-

Question 20

UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in India are

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