Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 3)

Question 1

A steroid compound found in all animals, but not in plants is

Question 2

The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by the

Question 3

The headquarters of United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) is located in –

Question 4

Land of the Kangaroo/Land of the Golden Fleece is

Question 5

The formal Nobel Prize honors service happens on which day consistently?

Question 6

The author of the book three men in a Boat is

Question 7

An economy which is left free of the governmental control is

Question 8

Commonwealth Games started in-

Question 9

North India’s first food Processing Park is being developed in-

Question 10

The first India to win PGA title of golf is-

Question 11

Very small amount of money

Question 12

The National symbol of China is

Question 13

Dakar is the capital of-

Question 14

Having or showing courage : very brave or courageous

Question 15

The national emblem of U.S.A. is

Question 16

The largest neck animal is

Question 17

When did Raj Kapoor Received this award?

Question 18

Neither a borrower nor a lender be said by

Question 19

On a per capita basis, India’s GDP is what was in the USA in the

Question 20

The novel ‘Home Boy’s is written by-

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