Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 4)

Question 1

Hitter is the sports term associated with

Question 2

Which ports connect special types of music instruments to sounds cards?

Question 3

The famous book “A Better India, A better world” has been written by-

Question 4

Which day is observed as world Aids Day?

Question 5

The first India to win PGA title of golf is-

Question 6

Chittranjan is famous for

Question 7

Narora Atomic Project is located in

Question 8

Antonym of Agnostic?

Question 9

‘Inside Central Asia’ is a book written by-

Question 10

World consumer Right Day is observed on-

Question 11

_______ is a deposit of sand, mud or gravel and is left by a river when it leaves hilly ground and flows more slowly over flatter land.

Question 12

A-------is the term used when a search engine return a web page that matches the search criteria.

Question 13

The largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world is located in-

Question 14

Antonym of Derogatory?

Question 15

_______ is an element, a soft, white metal that is very heavy

Question 16

Existing, but not yet very noticeable, active or well developed

Question 17

Managing or using money in a careful or wise way

Question 18

Who was the first woman to win the Jnanpith award?

Question 19

India’s largest shipbreaking yard is located in Gujarat at-

Question 20

The Highest Literary Award of India is-

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