Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 4)

Question 1

Who said on march 11,2012, he will be "Very Sad" if India boycotts the London Olympics following the row over sponsorship of the event by Dow Chemicals, linked to the Bhopal gas tragedy?

Question 2

Skill and cleverness that is shown in the way someone deals with a situation, problem, etc

Question 3

Who is the author of ‘My Experiments with Truth’?

Question 4

Which factories of Bengal was established by the Dutch?

Question 5

26th January is India’s

Question 6

National Law Day is observed on-

Question 7

Study or collection of postage stamps”

Question 8

Antonym of Chaste?

Question 9

Which Nobel Laureate had predicted gravitational waves a hundred years ago?

Question 10

One celled or multi-celled rootless plant is called

Question 11

Batter is the sports term associated with

Question 12

Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends?

Question 13

The female literacy in India is

Question 14

How much money Awardee gets with this award?

Question 15

A general collection of data shared by a variety of users is

Question 16

Antonym of Intermittent?

Question 17

The author of the book three men in a Boat is

Question 18

The headquarters of United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) is located in –

Question 19

The largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world is located in-

Question 20

We have borrowed the Directive Principles of State policy from the Constitution of

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