Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 6)

Question 1

A _________ is a unit of measurement which measures an amount of data or the size of the memory in a computer.

Question 2

The size of India’s economy would grow to _________of the US by 2050, with china becoming even bigger than the world’s current largest economy, according to a Price Water house Coopers report

Question 3

Hyderabad is situated at the bank of

Question 4

During the French Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to India in December 2010, India signed with France-

Question 5

Nasik is situated at the bank of

Question 6

Wyndham Championship Trophy is associated with-

Question 7

Sergey Nazarovych Bubka- the famous word athlete is the citizens of-

Question 8

A judge’s private room, without the press or the public being present

Question 9

To be a good shepherd is to shear the flock, not skin it, was said by

Question 10

The author of the book Anna Karenina is

Question 11

Variety's the very spice of life, that gives is all its flavour, was said by

Question 12

Which Bank called Bank of Bank's?

Question 13

Who was the first Indian who won Nobel Prize in Physics?

Question 14

In Judaism what is the collective name of the five holy books?

Question 15

Stagflation is a state of the economy in which economic activity is

Question 16

Persons employed to drive a private or hired car

Question 17

The computer abbreviation KB usually means—

Question 18

The Contraction in the supply of currency is

Question 19

Empire City/City of Skyscrapers is

Question 20

How much money Awardee gets with this award?

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