Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 7)

Question 1

Which among the following writer awarded with 2017 Jnanpith award?

Question 2

The maximum strength of the House of the People or Lok Sabha is

Question 3

Bhatnagar Awards are given by the Council of Scientific and industrial Research awards each year, ---- of the Rs.One lakh each for important contribution in any field of science.

Question 4

Victim of severe congenital thyroid deficiency, causing physical and mental retardation is called

Question 5

Dr. Zakir Hussain was

Question 6

Glasnost means

Question 7

A programme which converts assembly language programme into _______ language programme.

Question 8

Select the email address from the choices below.

Question 9

Which day is observed as world Aids Day?

Question 10

Antonym of Illicit?

Question 11

Which country in the world began the convention to keep her national flag?

Question 12

The Constituent Assembly was set up under the

Question 13

En masse means

Question 14

The national emblem of Spain is

Question 15

The Programme which is being implemented in all the districts of the country is-

Question 16

The small blocks of ice when put together and compressed, join together to become a single piece. This is because -

Question 17

The India hemp or bhang plant which is the source of a fibre and drugs like hashish and marijuana is

Question 18

The author of the Time Machine is

Question 19

Antonym of Jaunty?

Question 20

In Judaism what is the collective name of the five holy books?

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