Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 7)

Question 1

Au revoir means

Question 2

Antonym of Resentment?

Question 3

The other of the book the Canterbury Tales is

Question 4

The national flag of the U.K. is

Question 5

Antonym of Warranted?

Question 6

A DVD is an example of a (n)—

Question 7

The author of the book pride and Prejudice is

Question 8

First person to receive Bharat Ratna after death was-

Question 9

Who won the US open Golf Championship in June 2012?

Question 10

Which is not a statutory body?

Question 11

The cessation of hostilities by agreement for a fixed period is

Question 12

Indian may be become the 3rd largest economy after

Question 13

Glasnost means

Question 14

In Which year former Indian President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam received the prestigiuos Bharat Ratna Award?

Question 15

Ballpoint pen was invented by

Question 16

The president appoints additional judges in high court to cope up with the increased work or for a period not exceeding

Question 17

26th January is India’s

Question 18

You can keep your personal files/folders in—

Question 19

The interval between exposure to a disease and its appearance is

Question 20

The Functioning of both houses of Parliament was disrupted on March 13,2012,When members demanded that India support the resolution to be moved by------ against sri lanka at the U.N Human Rights Council.

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