Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 7)

Question 1

In Judaism what is the collective name of the five holy books?

Question 2

When was Bhart Ratna Award Established?

Question 3

Which day is observed as world Aids Day?

Question 4

An apparatus used for locating submerged objects is known as –

Question 5

City of Dreaming spires

Question 6

The National symbol of Russia is

Question 7

Antonym of Vitriolic?

Question 8

You can…….a search by providing more information the search engine can use to select a smaller, more useful set of results.

Question 9

The process of conversion of large, complex and insoluble organic molecules into simpler, smaller and soluble molecules is called;

Question 10

The process of transferring files from a computer on the Internet to your computer is called—

Question 11

How many people got twice Nobel Prize so far?

Question 12

Four-letter word is

Question 13

The finance ministry, on March 15,201, gave it's nod for the labour and employment ministry to fix the rate of interest payable to EEPF sub-subscribers at which percentage for2011-12?

Question 14

Who among the following had founded the Theosophical Society in the United State of America?

Question 15

Asteroid is

Question 16

Antonym of Weaken?

Question 17

The new name of Siam is

Question 18

Governor Shivraj V.Patil in March 2012 administered the oath of office and secrecy to Parkash Singh Badal,Who took over as the chief minister of Punjab for a record- time

Question 19

The novel ‘Home Boy’s is written by-

Question 20

Sundra Strait separates-

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