Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 8)

Question 1

All green plants are called:

Question 2

Building or room in which images of stars, planets elc, are shown on a high, curved ceiling

Question 3

Which of the following is an inland river port?

Question 4

Bicycle tyre (Pneumatic) was invented by

Question 5

Jabalpur is situated at the bank of

Question 6

Bit is the basic unit ________.It can have two values one and zero only

Question 7

The management of land or agricultural economy is

Question 8

Who was the founder of ‘Satya Shodhak Samaj’?

Question 9

26th January is India’s

Question 10

The other Ministers of the State Council of Ministers

Question 11

The largest bird is

Question 12

The Recommendations for Bharat Ratna Awards are made by________ to the President.

Question 13

Film and TV institute of India is located at

Question 14

Jhelum,Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej are tributaries of

Question 15

The ______ is the name given to the most brotherly region of the world and lies within the Arctic Circle.Antarctic

Question 16

Which day is observed as world Aids Day?

Question 17

The symbol of Truce is

Question 18

Formal acts or the process of placing someone into a new job, position, government office,

Question 19

The sign of medical aid (hospital) is

Question 20

Which of the following person was first indian to conferred with Bharat Ratna Award and Nobel Prize?

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