Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 8)

Question 1

The words “ Satyameva Jayate” from the Mundaka Upanishad meaning ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’ are inscribed below the emblem in the

Question 2

The national flag of the U.S.A. is

Question 3

Armed Forces Flag Day is

Question 4

The largest neck animal is

Question 5

Having a pleasant, spicy taste : interesting and exciting

Question 6

The securities issued by limited companies to raise loans from the public are

Question 7

Who among the following had founded the Theosophical Society in the United State of America?

Question 8

A Point directly above the true centre of disturbance from which the shock waves of an earthquake apparently radiate is

Question 9

Usually artificial lakes that are used to store a large supply of water for use in people's homes, in businesses, etc, z extra supply of something

Question 10

Hyderabad is situated at the bank of

Question 11

The term given to the machinery itself and to the various individual pieces of equipment is

Question 12

Bit is the basic unit ________.It can have two values one and zero only

Question 13

Republic day parade starts from which location?

Question 14

Bhakra Nangal Project is a joint project of Haryana, Punjab, H.P. and Rajasthan. It is across river.

Question 15

Vikramshila University was founded by-

Question 16

In which year Former Indian economist Amartya Sen honoured with Bharat Ratna Award?

Question 17

Who was the first woman to win the Jnanpith award?

Question 18

The science of the movement and behaviour of missiles, projects from guns, rifles and slings, bomb and rockets is

Question 19

The write to vote conferred on every adult, without any distinction, to elect the candidate of his or her choice is

Question 20

Which day was observed as World Habitat Day in 2010?

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