Multiple Choice Questions Quiz (Set 9)

Question 1

The Tornadoes are very strong tropical cyclones origmatinating in-

Question 2

Antonym of Illusive?

Question 3

The city of Cairo is situated by the river

Question 4

Periyar National Park is located in

Question 5

Name the hormone produced by graffian follicle.

Question 6

The President of India is elected

Question 7

The author of the book pride and Prejudice is

Question 8

A document which gives title to a property as a security for a loan taken is

Question 9

Allahabad is situated at the bank of

Question 10

Uranium Fission Theory was discovered by

Question 11

LG ICC Cricketer of the year 2010 is-

Question 12

Kumaran Asam is associated with the Social Renaissance of-

Question 13

Which of the following was not the base of L.T.T.E. before being captured by Sri Lankan Forces.

Question 14

Antonym of Forbearance?

Question 15

___Is the functional key to display save as box

Question 16

Replying to something in a quick and often angry way

Question 17

Clock (Mechanical) was invented by

Question 18

The large mass of wet earth that suddenly and quickly moves clown the side of a mountain or hill

Question 19

India’s position in first Asian Games was-

Question 20

The other of the book the Canterbury Tales is

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