Name of Leading Producing Countries of Minerals in the World

Leading Countries of Mineral Production in the World

Minerals are essential nutrients required by our body to stay healthy. Whether its for building bones, making hormones and regulating your heartbeat, minerals are necessary for all metabolic processes.

Minerals are solid chemical substance that are formed through biogeochemical processes. These occur naturally and range from pure elements and simple salts to very complex silicates.

Minerals can be classified both according to physical and chemical properties. The major minerals include talc, iron, copper, aluminum, gypsum, apatite, topaz, quartz, corundum, diamond, calcite, fluorite, silicon, oxygen, magnesium, manganese, and antimony.

Find the list of leading countries for Mineral Production of the World:-

Name of Mineral Largest Producer Second Largest Producer
Coal China India
Natural Gas United States Russia
Petroleum Russia Saudi Arabia
Uranium Kazakhstan Canada
Thorium India Australia
Fluorite China Mexico
Diamond Russia Australia
Aluminium China Russia
Bauxite Australia China
Bismuth China Mexico
Copper Chile China
Gold China Australia
Iron ore Australia Brazil
Lithium Australia Chile
Manganese South Africa Australia
Mercury China Mexico
Mica China Russia
Nickel Philippines Russia
Niobium Brazil Canada
Palladium Russia South Africa
Platinum South Africa Russia
Silver Mexico China
Tin China Indonesia
Titanium Australia South Africa
Zinc China Australia


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