Name of National Emblems of Famous Countries of the World

Name of National Emblems of Famous Countries of the World

National Symbols represents the culture and tradition of a country in symbolic form. Most of the countries are better known from their symbols rather than the country itself. For example Australia is well known for Kangaroo and New Zealand is known for Kiwis. These symbols are in variety of forms like – National Emblems, National Trees, National Flowers, National Birds National Fruits etc. Below is a list of National symbols of different countries from all around the World.

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Lets here find the list of National Emblems of Famous Countries in the World.

Name of Country Emblem/Symbols
Australia Kangaroo
Bangladesh Water Lily
Barbados Head of Trident
Belgium Lion
Canada Maple Leaf, Lily
Chile Candor and Huemul
Denmark Beach
Dominica Sisserou Parrot
France Lily
Germany Corn Flower
Guyana Canje Pheasant
Hong kong Bauhinia
India Lion Capital of Ashoka
Iran Rose
Ireland Shamrock
Isarel Candelabrum
Italy White Lily
Ivory Coast Elephant
Japan Chrysanthemum
Lebanon Cedar tree
Luxembourg Lion with Crown
Mongolia The Soyombo
Netherlands Lion
New Zealand Sothern Cross, Kiwi
Norway Lion
Pakistan Crescent and Star
Papua New Guinea Bird of paradise
Russia Sickle and Hammer
Syria Eagle
Senegal Bhobab Tree
Sierra leone Lion
Spain Eagle
Sri Lanka Lion
Sudan Secretary Bird
Syria Eagle
Turkey Crescent and Star
United Kingdom Rose
United States of America Golden Rod
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Bird
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I was looking at the Emblem for Ireland. It is not the Shamrock, It is the Harp. The Shamrock is for St. Patricks Day but the Harp is used on all official State Documents

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