Northeast Frontier Railways

Part of 16 railway Indian tracks, North Frontier Railways have headquarters in Maligaon, in Assam. All the railway operations and administrative work of Northeast is handled at the headquarters only. NFR is further divided into 5 parts such as Katihar Railway division, Lumding Railway Division, Alipurdaur Railways Division, Rangiya Railway Division and Tinsukia Railway Division. Special official staff is being appointed to handle all the rail operations occur in these divisions. As all the hilly area is covered in this section, the speed of the train has been 30km/hr sometimes. Some regions do not have broad gauges thus many narrow lanes are covered in the path.

Oudh and Tirhut Railway and Assam Railway were combined at the first place in 1952 which was further diverged into two main zones North Eastern Railways and Northeast Frontier Railways in 1958. Covering the beautiful scenery and amazing weather, the railway track crosses tunnels and various bridges as well. NFR connects all the hill stations which are prominent tourist spots and thus it plays a crucial and eminent role in increasing the economy of the country. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is the most famous and important railways which comes under Northeast Frontier Railways and is of 6,850 feet of length.

Station CodeRailway Station NameAddress of StationState
ABFCAmbari FalakataAmbari, West BengalWest Bengal
ABSAAmbassaAmbassa, TripuraTripura
ABWAbutara HaltDinhata, West BengalWest Bengal
ADFAdinaNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
AGIAmguriAmguri, AssamAssam
AGTAgthoriGuwahati, AssamAssam
AGTLAgartalaAgartala, TripuraTripura
AHLAjharailNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
AJREAujariNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
AMJAmin GaonGuwahati, AssamAssam
AONIAmoniAmoni, AssamAssam
APDAlipur DuarAlipurduar, West BengalWest Bengal
APDCAlipur Duar CourtAlipur Duar, West BengalWest Bengal
APDJAlipur Duar Junction03564-255091, West BengalWest Bengal
APUAnipurAnipur, AssamAssam
ARCLArunachalCachar, AssamAssam
ARQArariya CourtState Highway 76, BiharBihar
ATMAltagramNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
AUBAluabari RoadIslampur, West BengalWest Bengal
AYUAbhayapuri AsamAbhayapuri, AssamAssam
AZAAzaraGuwahati, AssamAssam
AZRAzamnagar RoadAzamnagar, BiharBihar
BAHNBabhabgaon HaltBabhabgaon, West BengalWest Bengal
BBGNBarua BamungaonBarua Bamungaon, AssamAssam
BDTBordubi RoadMadhubon to Naoholia Rd, AssamAssam
BEEBebejiaNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
BFBagetarNorth Cachar Hills, AssamAssam
BFDBorhatNahar Rd, AssamAssam
BGLIBargolaiLedo, AssamAssam
BHGNBhilgaonNational Highway 39, AssamAssam
BHZBiharaK Rd, AssamAssam
BIZBaihataKamrup, AssamAssam
BJFBijniKokrajhar, AssamAssam
BJYBangalbareeState Highway 10A, West BengalWest Bengal
BKRDBhaluka Road FBhaluka, West BengalWest Bengal
BKSBalikotiaMathaouri Rd, AssamAssam
BLGTBalurghatR 547, West BengalWest Bengal
BLKBelakobaState Highway 12A, West BengalWest Bengal
BLMRBhalukmaraBhalukmara, AssamAssam
BLPRBaduliparBadulipar, AssamAssam
BMGRBamangramHemtabad, West BengalWest Bengal
BNDPBuniadpurState Highway 10A, West BengalWest Bengal
BNGNBongaigaonBongaigaon, AssamAssam
BNQBanarhatNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
BNVBinnaguriNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
BOEBarsoi JunctionState Highway 65, BiharBihar
BOJBhojoBhojo Railway Station, AssamAssam
BOKOBokoNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
BPBBadarpur Junction03845-269546., AssamAssam
BPGBadurpur GhatNational Highway 53, AssamAssam
BPRDBarpeta RoadHowli, AssamAssam
BRGMBaraigram JunctionNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
BRHUBarahuNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
BRLFBar LangferLumding, AssamAssam
BRNRBaruanagarMoran to Naharkatiya Rd, AssamAssam
BRQBagrakotNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
BSGNBasugaonNational Highway 31C, AssamAssam
BSIBasbariDhubri Kochugaon Rd, AssamAssam
BSWBaneswarBaneswar, West BengalWest Bengal
BTDRBatadrowa RoadMathaouri Rd, AssamAssam
BTFBathnahaBathnaha, BiharBihar
BTZBalimaraNaharkatiya to Nigam Rd, AssamAssam
BWPBBhawanipur BiharBhawanipur, BiharBihar
BXGBhangaNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
BXJBokajanBokajan, AssamAssam
BXKBandarkhalDiakkawn Rd, AssamAssam
BXPBarpatharRailway Station, AssamAssam
BXTBamanhatKurigram Nageshwari Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
BYXABetgaraNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
BZGTBazurghatBazurghat, AssamAssam
CATChattar HatChattar, West BengalWest Bengal
CBZChuraibariChuraibari, TripuraTripura
CFGChakitingDhodar Ali, AssamAssam
CGFCharaliMadhubon to Naoholia Rd, AssamAssam
CGONChaygaonNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
CGSChangsariChangsari, AssamAssam
CGXChargolaNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
CHBChabuaChabua, AssamAssam
CHBNChandkhira BagnNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
CJAChongajanlocal Rd, AssamAssam
CKWChalkhoaDibrugarh, AssamAssam
CLDChalsa JnChalsa, West BengalWest Bengal
CMACinnamaraCinnamora, AssamAssam
CNEChandranathpurNational Highway 54, AssamAssam
COBCooch BeharCooch Behar, West BengalWest Bengal
CPKChaparmukh JunctionChaparmukh, AssamAssam
CPQChaprakataNational Highway 31C, AssamAssam
CROAChautaraChautara, AssamAssam
CRXCarronNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
DBBDhubriDhubri, AssamAssam
DBQDhulabariState Highway 63, West BengalWest Bengal
DBRGDibrugarhDibrugarh, AssamAssam
DBRTDibrugarh TownDibrugarh, AssamAssam
DBYDigboiTinsukia, AssamAssam
DBZDhing BazarMathaouri Rd, AssamAssam
DCADamcharaDiakkawn Rd, AssamAssam
DDMDam DimNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
DDNIDudhnoiDudhnoi Railway Station, AssamAssam
DGUDigaruDigaru, AssamAssam
DGXDagaonMathaouri Rd, AssamAssam
DHHDinhataDinhata, West BengalWest Bengal
DHNADhachnaNational Highway 34, BiharBihar
DHRYDhalpukhuriHojai Rd, AssamAssam
DIUDhingNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
DJDarjeelingDarjeeling, West BengalWest Bengal
DJADaotuhajaNational Highway 54, AssamAssam
DJGDuliajanDuliajan, AssamAssam
DJRZTo DarjeelingDarjeeling, West BengalWest Bengal
DKEDihakhoDiakkawn Rd, AssamAssam
DKMDikomA T Rd, AssamAssam
DLCRDullabcherraAnipur Nivia Rd, AssamAssam
DLDEDaldaliDiphu, AssamAssam
DLFDalanState Highway 62, BiharBihar
DLKDalkolhaDalkola, West BengalWest Bengal
DLODalgaonBirpara, West BengalWest Bengal
DLPHDaulatpur HatPundari, West BengalWest Bengal
DLXDalimgaonDhankoil to Dalimgaoun, West BengalWest Bengal
DLZDholbajaForbesganj, BiharBihar
DMGNDhamalgaonA T Rd, AssamAssam
DMLDharamtulDharamtul, AssamAssam
DMRDharmanagarDharmanagar, TripuraTripura
DMVDimapurDimapur, NagalandNagaland
DMZDumdangiHaftia Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
DNQDandkhoraNational Highway 81, BiharBihar
DOTLDeotalaPundari, West BengalWest Bengal
DPRADhup DharaNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
DPUDiphuDiphu, AssamAssam
DQGDhupguri03563-250056, West BengalWest Bengal
DSRDhansiriBridge, NagalandNagaland
DTCDitokcherraNorth Cachar Hills, AssamAssam
DTXDangtalNational Highway 31C, AssamAssam
DVJDilli Dewan GanjBihar, BiharBihar
DWTDewan HatDewan, West BengalWest Bengal
EKIEklakhiNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
ELLEraliguEraligu, AssamAssam
FBGForbesganjForbesganj, BiharBihar
FKGFurkating JunctionK B Rd, AssamAssam
FKMFakiragram Junction03661-283454, AssamAssam
FLKFalakataJalpaiguri, West BengalWest Bengal
FLMFalimariFalimari, West BengalWest Bengal
GBNGarh BanailiNational Highway 57, BiharBihar
GDXGhoksadangaSiliguri Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
GEORGunjariaNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
GHUMGhoomDarjeeling, West BengalWest Bengal
GHYGuwahatiGuwahati, AssamAssam
GILGaisalNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
GKJGolakganjGolokganj, AssamAssam
GLGTGolaghatGolaghat, AssamAssam
GLMAGulmaNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
GLPTGoalpara TownGoalpara Town Rail Station, AssamAssam
GOEGhograpurNational HIghway 31, AssamAssam
GOGHGossaigaon HatKokrajhar, AssamAssam
GPEGogipothia HaltNational Highway 57, BiharBihar
GRMPGangarampurGangarampur, West BengalWest Bengal
GRRGorpharNational Highway 81, BiharBihar
GRUGaroparaNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
GUPGauripurGauripur, AssamAssam
GZOGazoleGajol, West BengalWest Bengal
HBNHaibargaonNagaon, AssamAssam
HCRHarischandrapurNational Highway 81, West BengalWest Bengal
HDBHaldibariJalpaiguri, West BengalWest Bengal
HFGHaflong HillNorth Cachar Hills, AssamAssam
HJIHojaiHojai Rd. Ph:- 03674-252136., AssamAssam
HJOHarangajaoNorth Cachar Hills, AssamAssam
HLXHilaraCachar, AssamAssam
HODHaldita BiharNational Highway 57, BiharBihar
HOJHamilton GanjHamiltonganj, West BengalWest Bengal
HSAHasimaraHasimara, West BengalWest Bengal
HTLHatikhaliNorth Cachar Hills, AssamAssam
HWRHatwarNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
HWXHabaipurStation Rd, AssamAssam
JAGJalargarhJalalgarh, BiharBihar
JAUJhauaJhaua, BiharBihar
JGJNJugijanNational Highway 36, AssamAssam
JGNRJogendranagarAgartala, TripuraTripura
JIDJagi RoadJagiroad, AssamAssam
JKBJakhalabandhaJakhalabandha, AssamAssam
JMIJamguriNational Highway 39, AssamAssam
JMKJamunamukhNational Highway 36, AssamAssam
JOQJoraiNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
JPEJalpaiguri RoadJalpaiguri, West BengalWest Bengal
JPGJalpaiguriJalpaiguri, West BengalWest Bengal
JPZJogighopaNational Highway 31B, AssamAssam
JRBMJiribamRd, AssamAssam
JRNAJiraniaJirania Railway Station, TripuraTripura
JRXJuriagaonMathaouri Rd, AssamAssam
JTGJatingaJatinga, AssamAssam
JTKJhitkiaNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
JTTNJorhat TownJorhat, AssamAssam
JWNRJawaharnagarNational Highway 44, TripuraTripura
KAJKaliyaganjRaiGanj, West BengalWest Bengal
KAMGKamakhyaguriNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
KAUKachnaNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
KCFKalchiniNH 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
KDKNKendukanaNational HIghway 31, AssamAssam
KDPRKumedpurBihar, BiharBihar
KGNKurseongKurseong, West BengalWest Bengal
KHKTKhotkhotiGolaghat Rd, AssamAssam
KIRKatihar JunctionKatihar, BiharBihar
KKAKankiKanki, West BengalWest Bengal
KKETKamrup KhetriKhetri, AssamAssam
KKGTKalkalighatNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
KLGRKhalaigramFalakata Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
KMRJKumarganjNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
KNBRKanaibazarNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
KNEKishanGanjKishanganj, BiharBihar
KOJKokrajhar03661-270618, AssamAssam
KQIKalachandDiakkawn Rd, AssamAssam
KQYKharikatiaDhodar Ali, AssamAssam
KRNIKrishnaiNH 37, AssamAssam
KSYKusiargaonNational Highway 57, BiharBihar
KTCHKaithalkuchiNational HIghway 31, AssamAssam
KTGMKayasthagramNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
KTXKatakhal JunctionHailakandi, AssamAssam
KUBKasbaKasba, BiharBihar
KUGTKumarghatKumarghat, TripuraTripura
KUQKurethaKatihar, BiharBihar
KUTIKhumtaiKhumtai, AssamAssam
KWEKhurialBihar, BiharBihar
KWMKampurKampur, AssamAssam
KXJKarimganj JunctionKarimganj Town, AssamAssam
KXLKamarbandha AliK B Rd, AssamAssam
KYQKamakhyaGuwahati, AssamAssam
LAVLabhaNational Highway 81, BiharBihar
LCTLangcholietTV Centre Road, AssamAssam
LEDOLedoLedo, AssamAssam
LFGLower HaflongHaflong, AssamAssam
LGTLangtingLangting, AssamAssam
LHLahingMudoijan, AssamAssam
LHLLahoalA T Rd, AssamAssam
LKALankaLanka, AssamAssam
LKGLamsakhangLamsakhan Rd, AssamAssam
LMGLumding JunctionLumding. Ph:-03674-263366, AssamAssam
LPNLaopaniNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
LPTALongpatiaNabhokotia Rd, AssamAssam
LXALakswaKukurachowa Gaon Rd, AssamAssam
MANGMahanagarNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
MANUManuManu, TripuraTripura
MBCMahananda BridgeMahananda, West BengalWest Bengal
MBGMaibangNorth Cachar Hills, AssamAssam
MBOMairabariNagaon, AssamAssam
MDTMadarihatNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
MENPMeenapurBihar, BiharBihar
MFAMukuriaNational Highway 34, West BengalWest Bengal
MFZMalaharNational Highway 81, West BengalWest Bengal
MGEMigrendisaMigrendisa, AssamAssam
MGKMMungiakamiMungiyakami, TripuraTripura
MGXMailongdisaMailongdisa, AssamAssam
MHIManihariManihari Railway Station, BiharBihar
MHNMahanadiPankhabari Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
MJEMujnalNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
MJNMakum JunctionMakum, AssamAssam
MKRHMallickpur HatKumarganj- Patiram Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
MLDTMalda TownMalda, West BengalWest Bengal
MLNHMalanchaGangarampur, West BengalWest Bengal
MNSManshahiNational Highway 81, BiharBihar
MOBDMoabundMohbondha, AssamAssam
MONJMonglajhoraDhubri Kochugaon Rd, AssamAssam
MOPMohitnagarJalpaiguri, West BengalWest Bengal
MQGMilangarhNational Highway 81, West BengalWest Bengal
MRGMargheritaLedo, AssamAssam
MRHTMoranhatSibsagar, AssamAssam
MRZAMirzaNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
MTJRMoterjharDhubri Kochugaon Rd, AssamAssam
MUGNMahutgaonB G Rd, AssamAssam
MUPAMupaDiakkawn Rd, AssamAssam
MXJMangurjanNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
MXNMariani JunctionMariani, AssamAssam
MXRMahurNorth Cachar Hills, AssamAssam
MYDManderdisaDiakkawn Rd, AssamAssam
MZAMezengaNazira Ali, AssamAssam
MZQMajgaon AssamNational HIghway 31, AssamAssam
NAMNamrupBorhat, AssamAssam
NBQNew BongaigaonNational Highway 31C, AssamAssam
NBSNew BaneswarState Highway 12A, West BengalWest Bengal
NCBNew Cooch Behar03582-241176, West BengalWest Bengal
NCHNakachariMariani, AssamAssam
NGANNagaonNagaon, AssamAssam
NGTGNew GitaldahaNew Gitaldaha, West BengalWest Bengal
NHKNaharkatiyaNaharkatiya, AssamAssam
NJBNijbariFulbari Ghoshpukur By Pass, West BengalWest Bengal
NJNNaojanlocal Rd, AssamAssam
NJPNew JalpaiguriSiliguri, West BengalWest Bengal
NKBNagrakotaNagrakata, West BengalWest Bengal
NLBRNilambazarNH 44, AssamAssam
NLNNailalungTV Centre Road, AssamAssam
NLVNalbariNalbari, AssamAssam
NMGYNumaligarhNMGY, AssamAssam
NMTNamtialiNational Highway 61, AssamAssam
NMXNew MaynaguriJalpaiguri, West BengalWest Bengal
NMZNew Mal JunctionNational Highway 31. 03562-255097, West BengalWest Bengal
NNGENarangiPanikhaiti, AssamAssam
NOQNew Alipurduar03564-255207, West BengalWest Bengal
NPUNadiapurNadiapur, TripuraTripura
NQHNew DomohaniState Highway 12A, West BengalWest Bengal
NTSKNew Tinsukia JunctionA T Rd, AssamAssam
NYTNayatolaKatihar, BiharBihar
NZRNaziraNazira Ali, AssamAssam
ODBOodlabariUdlabari, West BengalWest Bengal
OMLFOld MaldaOld Malda Station Quater, West BengalWest Bengal
OTNOatingNational Highway 39, AssamAssam
PASGPanisagarPanisagar, TripuraTripura
PBLPathsalaPathsala Town, AssamAssam
PECPencharthalPecharthal, TripuraTripura
PHIPanikhaitiChandrapur Rd, AssamAssam
PJPPanjiparaNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
PKBPatharkhola SNH54, AssamAssam
PKGMPhakhoagramPhakhoagram, AssamAssam
PNBPanbariChandrapur, AssamAssam
PNGMPanchgramPanchgram, AssamAssam
PNTPanitolaA T Rd, AssamAssam
PNVTPancharatnaMakri Rail Station, AssamAssam
PQDPranpur RoadPranpur, West BengalWest Bengal
PQZPundibariSiliguri Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
PRNAPurnia JunctionPurnia, BiharBihar
PTKDPatharkandiPatharkandi, AssamAssam
PTLDPatiladahaNational HIghway 31, AssamAssam
PUQPuranigudamPuranigudam, AssamAssam
PUYPhulaguriNational Highway 37, AssamAssam
RAHARahaRoha, AssamAssam
RDPRadhikapurState Highway 10A, West BengalWest Bengal
RGJRaiGanjRaiganj, West BengalWest Bengal
RGJIRangjuliRangjuli Railway Station, AssamAssam
RMPBRampur BazarGangarampur, West BengalWest Bengal
RNGGRangalitingRangaliting, AssamAssam
RNIRangapaniFulbari Ghoshpukur Canal Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
RNXRanipatraState Highway 62, BiharBihar
RNYRangiya JunctionRangia, AssamAssam
RPBRupasibariNational Highway 44, AssamAssam
RQJRaninagar JalpaiguriJalpaiguri, West BengalWest Bengal
RTBRRatabariRatabari, AssamAssam
RTGRangtongHill Cart Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
RUPRupahigaonNagaon, AssamAssam
RVKRaja Bhat KhawaRajabhat Khawa, West BengalWest Bengal
RWARautaraState Highway 62, BiharBihar
RWHRowriah SdgJorhat, AssamAssam
RXRRangapaharBridge, NagalandNagaland
RXRXRangapahar CrossingDiphu Rd, NagalandNagaland
SADSonadaSonada, West BengalWest Bengal
SAJHSahja HaltSahja Halt, West BengalWest Bengal
SBESorbhog JunctionKokrajhar, AssamAssam
SCASalchapraSalchapra, AssamAssam
SCESenchoa JunctionSenchoa, AssamAssam
SCLSilchar03842-263094, AssamAssam
SFRSafraiSuffry Station Chariali, AssamAssam
SGUJSiliguri JunctionSiligur, West BengalWest Bengal
SGUTSiliguru TownSiligur, West BengalWest Bengal
SHTTSilghat TownSilghat, AssamAssam
SISonalliSonalli, BiharBihar
SJGMSanjay GramSanjay Gram, West BengalWest Bengal
SJKLSurja KamalNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
SJRRSajherparPundibari, West BengalWest Bengal
SKAPSK ParaNational Highway 44, TripuraTripura
SLGRSimaluguri Junctionway to SLGR, AssamAssam
SLKXSalakatiNational Highway 31C, AssamAssam
SLONSalonaSalona, AssamAssam
SLXSelenghatNational Highway 61, AssamAssam
SMSamsiNational Highway 81, West BengalWest Bengal
SMGRSamaguriSamaguri, AssamAssam
SMHSimrahaSimraha, BiharBihar
SMTASamuktala RoadNational Highway 31C, West BengalWest Bengal
SNSuknaHill Cart Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
SPKSapekhatiMoran to Naharkatiya Rd, AssamAssam
SPQSorupetaBarpeta, AssamAssam
SPXSapatgramDhubri, AssamAssam
SQFSukritipurK Rd, AssamAssam
SRISalmariBihar, BiharBihar
SRPBSrirampur AssamSrirampur, AssamAssam
SRPUSripur HaltSripur, West BengalWest Bengal
SRTNSibsagar TownSibsagar, AssamAssam
SUDSudhaniState Highway 65, BiharBihar
SVQSivokSevoke, West BengalWest Bengal
SXXSalbariFalakata Rd, West BengalWest Bengal
SZRSarupatharSarupathar Road Thana Rd, AssamAssam
TBXTilbhumNational Highway 44, TripuraTripura
TDHTindhariaNational Highway 55, West BengalWest Bengal
TETATeltaRupauli, BiharBihar
TGEThekeraguriAhotguri, AssamAssam
TIHUTihuBarpeta, AssamAssam
TIITingraiNational Highway 38, AssamAssam
TKCThakurkuchiHatisila, AssamAssam
TLMRTeliamuraTeliamura, TripuraTripura
TMHTin Mile HatNational Highway 31, West BengalWest Bengal
TPKTipkaiDhubri, AssamAssam
TRBETarabariNagaon, AssamAssam
TSKTinsukia JunctionTinsukia, AssamAssam
TTBTitabarTitabor, AssamAssam
TTLATeteliaTetelia-Maloibari Rd, AssamAssam
TUNGTungNH 55, West BengalWest Bengal
TZTBTezporeTezpur, AssamAssam
VTGBhetaguriBhetaguri, West BengalWest Bengal
WDAWadrengdisaDiakkawn Rd, AssamAssam
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