July 08 in History – What happened on 08 July in Past

08 July - Today in History - Important historical events happened on this day in India and World History

In India and world history July 08 has a special significance, because on this day there have been many such incidents which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let us know that some of the most important events that will increase your general knowledge. The collected facts will be such as: the people born on this day, the passing of the famous persons, the war pact, the freedom of any country, the invention of new technologies, the change of power, the important national and international day etc

What happened on July 08 in history:

YearEvent / Incidence / Incident
1099Around 15,000 famished crusaders marched bare foot in Jerusalem during 1st crusade. The first crusade ended with capture of Jerusalem by European Christian forces. Crusade was war between Christian and Muslims to get control over common religious areas.
1497Vasco de Gama started his journey that was first voyage to India. He discovered new sea routes to India. This helped in increasing the trade through sea. The discovery of new sea routes also resulted in colonisation of India by Portuguese and British.
1859Charles XV was accepted as king to throne of Sweden and Norway. His reign ended till his death 1872. In reality he was the 9th king of Sweden but adopted the numerals in name according to fictional history of Sweden.
1889The wall street journal was first time published. It is an international daily newspaper which is printed in English language. The headquarters are situated in New York. It is an USA based news paper and one of the most famous in the world.
1937The Treaty of Saadabd was signed by Iran, Iraq, turkey and Afghanistan. It was a non-aggression pact. It lasted for 5 years. The treaty was registered in League of Nations. The treaty was an initiative to greater the middle eastern-oriental relations.
1948United States first time recruited women in United States air force. The female recruits were given limited roles to play in USAF. This program was ended in 1976 when the women were given equal rights to the men in the armed forces.
1966King of Burundi Mwambutsa IV Bangiriceng was displaced by his son Ntare-V. Burundi is a small landlocked country in African continent. It is one of the five poorest countries of the world. The history of Burundi is marked with genocides and political imbalances before becoming a republic.
1994Kim Jung-il became the assumed head of state after death of his father Kim Sung-II. Kim Sung was head of North Korea from 1948 until his death in 1994. After his death his son became the supreme leader of North Korea and is still controls the country as a dictator.
2011Space shuttle Atlantis was launched. It was the last mission of space shuttle Atlantis. The mission was named as STS 135. STS 135 was a small duration mission. The mission was to deliver cargo to the international space station.
2012Israel launched an attack on Gaza strip. This rose tension in the area. It was done in response to the killing of three Israeli teenagers. Israeli defense forces raided in the Palestine region in order to capture killers. More than three hundred Palestinians were arrested during this operation.

List of July 08 famous birthdays:

YearName / Profession / Country

List of July 08 famous Indian birthdays:

YearName / Profession / Country
1914Jyoti Basu / Politician / India
1912Banarasi Das / Politician / India
1932Ghulam Hassan Sofi / Singer / India
1949Gegong Apang / Politician / India
1949Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy / Politician / India
1949Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy / Politician / India
1914Jyoti Basu / Politician / India
1972Sourav Ganguly / Cricketer / India
1946Biplab Chatterjee / Actor / India

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