April 18 in History – What happened on 18 April in Past

18 April - Today in History - Important historical events happened on this day in India and World History

In India and world history April 18 has a special significance, because on this day there have been many such incidents which have been recorded forever in the pages of history. Let us know that some of the most important events that will increase your general knowledge. The collected facts will be such as: the people born on this day, the passing of the famous persons, the war pact, the freedom of any country, the invention of new technologies, the change of power, the important national and international day etc

What happened on April 18 in history:

YearEvent / Incidence / Incident
1853The first train ran in India between Mumbai and Thane. It was a journey of 36km.
1971220 runs were scored by Sunil Gavasker in the second innings against West Indies. He had scored 124 runs in the first.
1994“Beauty and the Beast” was released at Palace Theatre in the New York City.
1994The 23rd Boston Women’s Marathon was won by Uta Pippig of Germany. She finished the race in 2 hours 21 min 45 seconds.
1994The 98th Boston Marathon was won by Cosmas Ndeti of Kenya. He completed the marathon in just 2 hours 7 min 15 seconds.
1994Brian Lara scored a triple century. He scored 375 runs against England in a One Day match.
1996“Funny thing Happened” was released at the St. James Theatre in the New York City. It ran houseful for 715 days.
2011A land-slide occurred in East Java. About 100 people were killed in the incidence.
2013Two planets – Kepler-62e and Kepler-62f were discovered around the star Kepler- 62 in the habitable zone. An area around the stars can support liquid water.
2014A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico about 80 miles to the north-west of Acapulco. Only a minor damage was reported.

List of April 18 famous birthdays:

YearName / Profession / Country

List of April 18 famous Indian birthdays:

YearName / Profession / Country
1905Nawang Gombu / Mountainer / India
1858Dhondo Keshav Karve / Activist / India

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