List of Important U.N. Agencies in World

The United Nations (UN) Agencies plays a leading role in providing development and humanitarian assistance, including as a first-responder to natural disasters and complex emergencies. There are some important U.N. Agencies exists that are dedicated to work for human assistance and their development. Some of the main activities and their purpose are: To improve conditions […]

List of Important Indian Towns on the River Bank

In the previous post we have gone through the list of Nick Names of Important Indian Places and Important Cities on the River Bank of all world. Here you will find the list of important Indian towns on the river banks: Town/City Name of River Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh At the confluence of the Ganga and […]

Indian States on the International Boundaries

If you are the regular reader then you will already gone through the list of Important Boundaries of within World. Now in this post, you will get the list of Indian states that are attached with the International Boundaries. Borderind Pakistan Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat. Borderind China Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, […]

Indian Geography and Important Facts

Location and Position of India World Scale Map: Lying between latitude 8˚4’ N to 37˚6’ N and from longitude 68˚4’ E to 97˚25’ E, the country is divided into almost equal parts by the Tropic of Cancer (Passing from Jabalpur in MP). The southernmost point in Indian Territory, (in Great Nicobar Island) is the Indira […]

Important Boundaries of the World

Important boundaries of within world that attach and part two countries. These boundaries decide of partition for two countries land. In the below list you will find boundary name and attached countries name. Durand Line Pakistan & Afghanistan (Afghanistan did not accept this.) Mac Mohan Line India   & China, Line of Actual Control India  & […]

List of Smallest and Biggest Countries Name

This post is very important for me and also all of you. Yes I know you was in search for a list of biggest and smallest country name in world on the Earth. So here are the table of biggest and smallest countries name: Biggest Nation (Area-Wise) Biggest Nation (Population-Wise) Smallest Nation (Area-Wise) Smallest Nation […]