Police and Security Examination

Every country has its respective police and security forces. They are tasked with the protection and the enforcing of law upon the millions of people living in their country. However, not everyone is fit to join the ranks of these respectable forces. In India, they hold a police and security competitive examination where many different candidates would try and compete against each other in order to join the ranks of the police force. These tests have its own requirements and difficulties and most of these examinations are heavily different from each other depending on the rank an applicant decides to compete for.

Before taking the competitive exams for police and security, an applicant and or a candidate must first meet some requirements before anything else. To qualify for this competitive examination, a person must meet the age requirement of only twenty up to twenty five years old as of the first of January of the year where the examination will take place. The educational requirements and or qualifications, however, are less strict and would only require any degree of a recognized and licensed university or an equivalent of the degree.

The police force competitive examination is often compromised of two different parts. There will first be a written test that would sum up, up to over five hundred points or marks. After this written exam, an applicant and or a candidate must now undergo an interview or also known as a personality test which would contain up to a hundred points or marks for each and every single post there are available. There will also be tests regarding the person’s physical efficiencies in order to better identify if he or she is really fit for the post of which he or she has chosen to apply for. However, a candidate and or an applicant must first pass the very first exam, or the written examination, before being eligible to take the second part of the test. Otherwise, no candidate may continue on further as the entire exam is indeed a competitive examination.

In the competitive examination in security, there is no room for failure. If you fail even just one of the two tests then you have a low chance of getting the post. Remember this is a competitive exam and only the very best will be chosen. So do the best you can to be one of them.

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namaste, sir mai delhi police daroga banna chahta hoon. kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai ki mujhe iske liye kya kya karna aur padhna hoga jaise konsi kitab kharidni hoga please sir bataiye


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