Railway Examinations

In India, their railways are important things to their country. The railways not only provide the country with fast means of transportation but it is also a very important factor in their economy as it provides numerous jobs for the massive populace. But not everyone can have a job on their glorious and important railways. There are many different and numerous examinations that everyone must take before he or she may be blessed with a job in the railways. And one of these examinations is known as the railway competitive examinations.

But, not everyone can be eligible to take these examinations. Not everyone is just fit for a job in the railways. Before taking the examination, a person must first meet certain several different requirements. Now, like these exams, their requirements would also be based on the exam itself and the exam itself is based and differs from one another depending on the position a person or an applicant is striving to get from railway competitive exams. But these requirements often revolves on age qualifications as well as education qualifications say for example, a person has to meet the age of eighteen to twenty one with a degree from any recognized university or an equivalent.

These competitive examinations in railways are also divided into several different parts each differing from each other regarding the position an applicant and or an examinee is striving to get. The questions and sets of questions are unique to each position and would obviously be different from the set of questions that are being asked in another examination. Other than that, most of these examinations often include a physical examination in order to identify if a person and or an applicant is really eligible, physically fit, or capable of doing the job he or she is applying for.

But always remember that it takes great effort to go through the railway competitive examinations and reach the job that you desire in the railways. Remember, they are all competitive examinations. That means that there is no room for failure or mistakes since one mistake could fail you the entire exam and waste all your hard work and effort. In these competitive examinations, only the very best who had met every single one of the requirements and have managed to snag themselves high grades will be able to enjoy the life and benefits of working in the railways.

Below is the list of various posts offered by Indian Railways where you can get job just passing by an easy exam:

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written exam consists of objective type multiple choice question paper based on 10th class standard to assess the General Knowledge, Awareness, Mathematics, Reasoning etc.
plese give me question in english

Now im gone in 12th class…after 12 can i apply for railway exam…my age is 18…plzz give me sum idea about railway jobs


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