Railway Stations in Chandigarh

Details of Railway Stations of Chandigarh State with railway station code, railway station name as named based on city, village or district, railway station address and railway zone under by control the process and activity of station.

List of acronyms and abbreviations with full form of divisions and departments of Indian Railways (current and former).
Acronyms/AbbreviationsFull Form of Acronyms / Abbreviations
ADCRAgra-Delhi Chord Railway
BARBengal Assam Railway (in 1947, renamed East Bengal Rly., and in 1961, renamed Pakistan Eastern Rly.)
BB&CI / BB&CIR (BBCIR)Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway
BCRBengal Central Railway
BDRBengal Dooars Railway, also Bankura Damodar Railway
BESRBilaspur - Etawah State Railway
BLRBarsi Light Railway
BMRBurma Mines Railway
BNRBengal Nagpur Railway
BNWRBengal North-Western Railway
BPRBengal Provincial Railway
BRBurma Railway
BRCBurma Railways Corporation
CBRCooch Behar Railway
CGRCeylon Government Railway
CRCentral Railway
CSERCalcutta and South-Eastern Railway
DHRDarjeeling Himalayan Railway
DMSRDhond-Manmad State Railway (Dhond = Daund)
DRLRDehri Rohtas Light Railway
DSRDrangdhara State Railway
EBREast Bengal State Railway
ECREast Coast Railway
EIREast Indian Railway
EPREastern Punjab Railway
EREastern Railway
GBSRGaekwar's Baroda State Railway
GIPRGreat Indian Peninsular Railway
GLRGwalior Light Railway (later Scindia State Railway)
GSRGondal State Railway
GSIRGreat Southern of India Railway
IGRIndian Government Railways
IMRIndian Midland Railway
IRIndian Railways
ISRIndian State Railway
IVSRIndus Valley State Railway
JDRJamnagar and Dwarka Railway
JRJodhpur Railway
JSRJaipur State Railway
KHRKhanai-Hindubagh Railway
KKTRKushalgarh-Kohat-Thal Railway
KRKonkan Railway
KSRKalka Simla Railway
KVRKangra Valley Railway
LJRLarkana-Jacobabad Railway
MLRMatheran Light Railway
MRMadras Railway
MSMRMadras and Southern Mahratta Railway
MSRMysore State Railway
NERNorth-eastern Railway
NEFR, NFRNorth-East Frontier Railway
NMRNilgiri Mountain Railway
NRNorthern Railway
NGSRNizam's Guaranteed State Railway
NSRNizam's State Railway
NWRNorth Western Railway (in 1961, renamed Pakistan Western Rly.)
O&RR, ORROudh and Rohilkhund Railway
OTROudh and Tirhut Railway
PDBPiplod Devgad Baria Railway
PLRParlakimedi Light Railway
PNSRPunjab Northern State Railway
PRPakistan Railways
PSMTPatiala State Monorail Trainways
RDRRaipur Dhamtari Railway
RKRRohilkhund Kumaon Railway
RMRRajputana Malwa Railway
SCRSouth-central Railway
SERSouth-eastern Railway
SLRSri Lanka Railways
SIRSouth Indian Railway
SMRSouthern Mahratta Railway
SPDRScinde, Punjab, and Delhi Railway
SRSouthern Railway
SSLRShahdara Saharanpur Light Railway
SSRScindia State Railway, also Sangli State Railway
TBLRTezpore-Balipara Light Railway
WCSRWardha Coal State Railway
WIPRWest of India Portuguese Railway
WRWestern Railway
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