Sampark Kranti Express Trains

Sampark Kranti Express Trains: As the name depicts “Sampark Kranti” which means “resolution for connectivity” is one of the train services which run by Indian Railways and the main motive behind this service is to connect a specified place with the capital of India, New Delhi. The Minister of Railways at the time of 2005 has announced the launch of this train services during Railways budget. Earlier the facility of connecting any state with national capital is only limited to Rajdhani Express which was pretty expensive experience for common people. Other than the advantage of connectivity between various states and national capital, some of the characteristics of Sampark Kranti Express Trains are as follows:

  • Known for their non-stop service that too beyond the particular state
  • Hospitality and dedication is the key description of all the employees working there
  • With respect to other luxury trains including Rajdhani Express Trains, the tariff rate is quite low (15% less)

With the help of official website of Indian Railways one can easily reserve the passenger tickets, even a week before the required date. On the demand and order of Indian Government, for certain commercial purposes the non-stop journey of Sampark Kranti Express Railways is no longer a non-stop act.

Sampark Kranti Express trains are a series of fast trains operated by the Indian Railways. These trains provide quick connectivity from a particular state to the national capital, New Delhi. The Uttar Sampark Kranti Express was the first express train to travel on the newly laid Jammu Tawi – Udhampur section. The Sampark Kranti trains being the first which were introduced during the railway budget by the then rail minister Mr. Nitish Kumar.

Train No.Train NameDeparture StationDep. TimeTrain DestinationArr. Time
12708Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)07:25Tirupati (TPTY)21:35
12707Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti ExpressTirupati (TPTY)05:45H Nizamuddin (NZM)18:00
12566Bihar Sampark Kranti ExpressNew Delhi (NDLS)14:30Darbhanga Jn (DBG)11:25
12565Bihar Sampark Kranti ExpressDarbhanga Jn (DBG)08:35New Delhi (NDLS)05:30
12824Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)17:25Durg (DURG)15:10
12823Chhattisgarh Sampark Kranti ExpressDurg (DURG)12:00H Nizamuddin (NZM)09:05
12450Goa Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)07:25Madgaon (MAO)13:15
12449Goa Sampark Kranti ExpressMadgaon (MAO)11:20H Nizamuddin (NZM)16:50
12918Gujarat Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)14:05Ahmedabad Jn (ADI)06:30
12917Gujarat Sampark Kranti ExpressAhmedabad Jn (ADI)17:20H Nizamuddin (NZM)10:40
12826Jharkhand Sampark Kranti ExpressNew Delhi (NDLS)07:10Ranchi (RNC)05:00
12825Jharkhand Sampark Kranti ExpressRanchi (RNC)23:40New Delhi (NDLS)20:55
12650Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express via KachigudaH Nizamuddin (NZM)06:45Yesvantpur Jn (YPR)19:00
12649Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express via KachigudaYesvantpur Jn (YPR)22:10H Nizamuddin (NZM)09:25
12630Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express via PuneH Nizamuddin (NZM)08:55Yesvantpur Jn (YPR)06:40
12629Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express via PuneYesvantpur Jn (YPR)13:30H Nizamuddin (NZM)09:15
12218Kerala Sampark Kranti ExpressChandigarh (CDG)09:00Kochuveli (KCVL)14:50
12217Kerala Sampark Kranti ExpressKochuveli (KCVL)09:10Chandigarh (CDG)15:40
12122Madhya Pradesh Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)17:25Jabalpur (JBP)08:00
12121Madhya Pradesh Sampark Kranti ExpressJabalpur (JBP)19:10H Nizamuddin (NZM)09:05
12908Maharashtra Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)21:35Bandra Terminus (BDTS)17:50
12907Maharashtra Sampark Kranti ExpressBandra Terminus (BDTS)16:50H Nizamuddin (NZM)13:45
12820Orissa Sampark Kranti ExpressNew Delhi (NDLS)07:10Bhubaneswar (BBS)12:10
12819Orissa Sampark Kranti ExpressBhubaneswar (BBS)15:40New Delhi (NDLS)20:55
12502Poorvottar Sampark Kranti ExpressNew Delhi (NDLS)23:45Guwahati (GHY)08:15
12501Poorvottar Sampark Kranti ExpressGuwahati (GHY)06:00New Delhi (NDLS)13:00
12464Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express to JodhpurJodhpur Jn (JU)18:30Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)05:30
22464Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express to BikanerBikaner Jn (BKN)17:15Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)05:30
12463Rajasthan Sampark Kranti ExpressDelhi S Rohilla (DEE)22:35Jodhpur Jn (JU)09:10
12652Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)Madurai Jn (MDU)
12651Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranti ExpressMadurai Jn (MDU)23:45H Nizamuddin (NZM)18:00
12448Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti ExpressH Nizamuddin (NZM)20:15Manikpur Jn (MKP)08:35
12447Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti ExpressManikpur Jn (MKP)17:25H Nizamuddin (NZM)05:25
12446Uttar Sampark Kranti ExpressUdhampur (UHP)19:05New Delhi (NDLS)06:10
12445Uttar Sampark Kranti ExpressNew Delhi (NDLS)20:50Udhampur (UHP)08:05
15036Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti ExpressKathgodam (KGM)08:50Delhi (DLI)15:20
15035Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti ExpressDelhi (DLI)16:00Kathgodam (KGM)22:40
25035Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express
12330West Bengal Sampark Kranti ExpressDelhi (DLI)19:10Sealdah (SDAH)17:25
12329West Bengal Sampark Kranti ExpressSealdah (SDAH)13:10Delhi (DLI)11:55
12380West Bengal Sampark Kranti ExpressAmritsar Jn (ASR)10:50Sealdah (SDAH)17:25
12612H.Nizamuddin Chennai Garibrath ExpressH Nizamuddin16:00Chennai20:15
12735Secunderabad Yesvantpur Garibrath ExpressSecunderabad19:15Yesvantpur07:10
12736Yesvantpur Secunderabad Garibrath ExpressYesvantpur20:50Secunderabad08:35
12739Vishakapatnam Secunderabad Garibrath ExpressVishakapatnam20:30Secunderabad08:10
12740Secunderabad Vishakapatnam Garibrath ExpressSecunderabad20:15Vishakapatnam07:30
12831Dhanbad Bhubaneswar Garibrath ExpressDhanbad16:00Bhubaneswar08:15
12832Bhubaneswar Dhanbad Garibrath ExpressBhubaneswar20:10Dhanbad11:00
12877Ranchi New Delhi Garibrath ExpressRanchi17:10New Delhi10:50
12878New Delhi Ranchi Garibrath ExpressNew Delhi16:10Ranchi10:40
12881Howrah Puri Garibrath ExpressHowrah20:55Puri05:55
12882Puri Howrah Garibrath ExpressPuri22:15Howrah07:05
12909Bandra Terminus H.Nizamuddin Garibrath ExpressBandra Terminus16:55H Nizamuddin09:55
12910H.Nizamuddin Bandra Terminus Garibrath ExpressH Nizamuddin15:40Bandra Terminus08:10
12983Jaipur Chandigarh Garibrath ExpressJaipur20:05Chandigarh06:40
12984Chandigarh Jaipur Garibrath ExpressChandigarh21:05Jaipur07:40
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