Shatabdi Express Trains

Now there is no problem or issue in order to travel from one place to another in fast and comfortable way as Indian Railways provides us with Shatabdi Express Trains. This fast train service is known to connect the major metropolitan cities and states in lesser time as taken by other railway services. 1988 was the year when shatabdi trains were started and since then they are known for their fast service and hospitality. Chair seats are available in shatabdi trains with fully air-conditional mechanism.

Shatabdi Express trains are superfast trains of Indian Railways. Shatabdi Trains runs specially to connect all major metro cities with important for tourism cities of India. Special feature of Shatabdi Express trains is these are day-trains and they return to the station of origin the same day. The Shatabdi Express trains run over short to medium distances while the Rajdhani Express Trains are long-distance trains connecting the nation’s capital New Delhi to capitals of states. Both series of trains have a regular speed of 100 to 130 km/h (62 to 81 mph). The 12001 Bhopal Shatabdi express, however, runs at a peak speed of 150 km/h (93 mph), which makes it the fastest train in India.

Food has never been an issue in these trains as each coach has their own employee which serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea at suitable time intervals. According to the journey’s duration, food is served. From newspaper to mineral water bottle and food, everything is combined in ticket fare only. Shatabdi Express trains are also travelled in day time only and they mainly return the passenger to the respective origin destination at the same day only. As compared to other railway services, shatabdi only travel short distances and usually cover 130km/hr of distance. They stop at only few intermediate stations in between the journey. As the food and other facilities are usually available in train only, there no much of a need to stop at intermediate stops.

Train No.Train NameDeparture StationDep. TimeTrain DestinationArr. Time
4041New Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi06:05Ajmer12:45
4042Ajmer New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAjmer15:50New Delhi22:40
12001Bhopal New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressBhopal14:40New Delhi22:30
12002New Delhi Bhopal Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi06:15Bhopal14:05
12003Lucknow New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressLucknow15:35New Delhi22:05
12004New Delhi Lucknow Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi06:15Lucknow12:30
12005New Delhi Kalka Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi17:15Kalka21:20
12006Kalka New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressKalka06:15New Delhi10:15
12007Chennai Mysore Shatabdi ExpressChennai06:00Mysore13:00
12008Mysore Chennai Shatabdi ExpressMysore14:15Chennai21:25
12009Mumbai Ahmedabad Shatabdi ExpressMumbai06:25Ahmedabad13:10
12010Ahmedabad Mumbai Shatabdi ExpressAhmedabad14:30Mumbai21:35
12011New DelhiKalka Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi07:40Kalka11:45
12012Kalka New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressKalka17:45New Delhi21:55
12013New Delhi Amritsar Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi16:30Amritsar22:35
12014Amritsar New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAmritsar05:10New Delhi11:15
12015New Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi06:05Ajmer12:45
12016Ajmer New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAjmer15:50New Delhi22:40
12017New Delhi Dehradun Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi06:50Dehradun12:40
12018Dehradun New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressDehradun17:00New Delhi22:45
12019Howrah Ranchi Shatabdi ExpressHowrah06:05Ranchi13:10
12020Ranchi Howrah Shatabdi ExpressRanchi13:40Howrah21:10
12027Chennai Bangalore Shatabdi ExpressChennai17:30Bangalore22:30
12028Bangalore Chennai Shatabdi ExpressBangalore06:00Chennai11:00
12029New Delhi Amritsar Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi07:20Amritsar13:25
12030Amritsar New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAmritsar17:00New Delhi23:05
12031New Delhi Amritsar Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi07:20Amritsar13:25
12032Amritsar New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressAmritsar17:00New Delhi23:05
12033Kanpur New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressKanpur06:00New Delhi11:05
12034New Delhi Kanpur Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi16:00Kanpur20:50
22001Bhopal New Delhi Shatabdi ExpressBhopal14:55New Delhi23:00
22002New Delhi Bhopal Shatabdi ExpressNew Delhi06:15Bhopal14:20
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good information. one doubt regarding food served-say train starts at20.20hrs-will dinner be served or not?

Dear Sir,

Delhi-Kanpur ( Train No-12034 ) leaves from which side platform i.e from Paharganj Side or Ajmer gate side?

Passenger is old and needs wheel chair. How do we get wheel chair from New Delhi Railway Station?

Kindly guide.

Thanks & regards,