Special Class Railway Apprentices

Qualifications of candidates for SCRA Examination

The undergraduate course Mechanical Engineering could be the most promising yet difficult course in college. Though the survivors can be labeled as the outstanding ones, takers of this course might just bleed and sweat some more just to become a candidate of the Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination. Once you have been chosen as a candidate for this exam, you should know to yourself that you stand among the rest. However, it’s not enough to just become a candidate or a passer. If you want to reach the top, you must be fully prepared for the toughest exam you’ll face in your studying years.

The Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination is an examination for selected students of the undergraduate course Mechanical Engineering exclusive in India. It was started in the year 1927 by the British colonizers. The test was mainly started for the British to choose among the intelligent Indians who can assist them in their Railway Operations.

In order to qualify for the Special Class Railway Apprentices Examinations, the applicants for the exam must pass either the first or second division of the intermediate examination or any equivalent exam. The university must also be approved by the government. Those who have graduated Mathematics or students who had Physics and Chemistry as one of their college subjects are accepted. The candidate must at least be 17 years old on August on the year of the examination.

An exam on English, English, Science, and Mathematics is the first phase. Those who have passed will then be directed to the personality test. They will then be given four-year training on Mechanical Engineering.

The exam is a tough one. The General Ability Test which includes English, General Knowledge, and Psychological Test with a total of 200 items can only be taken for two hours. The same number of hours goes to the Physical Sciences and Mathematics category, also with a total of 200 items each.

The hardship that the candidates have undergone with the Special Class Railway Apprentices Examinations and the four-year training is then paid off with their employment in the Railway organization. The most fortunate one will be entitled as an officer of the junior scale. Promotion towards the senior scale occurs in two years. Further promotions will be given in the succeeding years of service in the Railway organization. Some graduates may also be appointed as Divisional Railway Managers.

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I would like to apply for the Rly engineering Course.iam a student of 12 std at Kendriya Vidyalaya Bangalore. Kindly let me know where I can get the form and how 2 apply.iam very eager to join 4 the course
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