SSC Data Entry 2010

Staff Selection Commission
Data Entry 2010 (Solved Paper)
(50 Questions)

Options given in ‘Bold‘ are the answers.

1. One of the output devices your computer uses is the
(A) mouse | (B) keyboard | (C) monitor | (D) cord

2. All of these are examples of good posture EXCEPT:
(A) back straight | (B) eyes on monitor | (C) feet on the floor | (D) elbows on the table

3. When you store your work so you can come back to it later, you:
(A) click it | (B) save it | (C) type it | (D) print it

An example of an input device is:
(A) a speaker | (B) a mouse | (C) a monitor | (D) a printer

The computer screen is also called the:
(A) viewer | (B) TV | (C) monitor | (D) video output device

Download (PDF) for all questions and answers:

Staff Selection Commission Data Entry 2010 Solved Paper
Staff Selection Commission Data Entry 2010 Solved Paper
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SO Much thanks for this. It more helpful to every students who ready for the any competetive exam. one’s again thank you.

much more, much more, only to say you because your work can not be bounded
with word . that was nice for me to enhance my knowledge. i hope coming
future would have much more like it . thanks
shailendra maurya mumbai

plz check question and ans
40. Which of the following rivers crosses the equator twice?
(A) Amazon | (B) Nile | (C) Congo | (D) Orinoco

correct ans is : congo it is also known as jaire in jaire country


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