SSC Section Officer (Audit) – 2001 (English Language)

Staff Selection Commission
Section Officer (Audit) 2001
(English Language)

Directions: In the following passage (Q. Nos. 1 to 10) some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to understand what it is about. Then fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given.

Mass communication is the delivery of……(1)……ideas and entertainment to thousands or millions of…(2)….simultaneously; it is a force with incalculable…(3)..on today’s word. The…(4)…of mass communication rests…(5)…the skills of the communicator to…(6)…the recipient’s thinking,…..(7)…stir emotions, to….(8)….him or her to……(9)…Mass communication is the one on thousands fold simultaneously among individuals who have no direct contact.

Directions: In Q. Nos. 11 to 15 a sentence has been given in Active/Passive voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested below, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice.

Directions: In Q. Nos. 16 to 25 out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words sentence.

Directions: In Q. Nos. 26 to 35 you have two brief passages with five questions following each passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives..

Passage – I: The achievement of science in the twentieth century has been very great. Its influence can be felt in every sphere of life. From the small pins and needles to the huge iron sheets and joints, most of the things we require for our everyday use, some our of factories where scientific principles are utilized for practical ends. Science has enable man to bring forces of nature under control and to use them for his own advantage. It has brought the distant parts of the world close together. Our knowledge of the universe has been much widened on account of the untiring efforts of the astronomers like Jeans and Eddington. Remarkable cures of human diseases have been possible owing to the discovering of some wonderful medicines.

Passage – II: “Science cannot reduce the magic of a sunset to arithmetic nor can it express friendship with formula” observed the eminent medical researcher, Dr. Lous Orr. He added,” also beyond science’s mastery of nature are love and laughter, pain and loneliness and insights into truth and beauty”. This distancing of science from the human condition perhaps explains why most foreign tourist visiting Britain flock predictably to see the hallowed homes of playwrights, writers and poets, but choose to ignore the habitations where its eminent scientists lived and worked.

Directions: In Q. Nos. 36 to 45, some of the sentence have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and blacken the rectangle corresponding to the appropriate letter (a,b,c). If there is no error then answer is d.

Directions (46-50): Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

Directions (51-55): Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which expresses the right meaning of the given word.

Directions (56-65): In questions, four alternatives are given for the underlined idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best express the meaning of the underlined idiom/phrase.

Directions (66-70): Four words have been written out of which three are correctly spelt and one is wrongly spelt. Find the wrongly spelt word out of the four responses.

Directions (71-80): In questions sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate and suitable word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

Directions (81-90): In questions a part of the sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part as (a), (b), (c) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement in needed, your answer is (d).

Directions (91-100): In questions the first and the last parts of the sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the sentence is split into four parts and named P,Q,R S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the parts and find out which of the four combinations is correct.

Staff Selection Commission
Section Officer (Audit) 2001
(English Language)

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