Technical Acronyms of Indian Railways

List of Technical acronyms and abbreivation related to Indian Railways.
Acronyms/AbbreviationFull Form of Acronyms/Abbreviation
ABSAutomatic Block Signalling
ACDAnti-Collision Device
ADAMARTS Data Manager (system for managing EPROMs and station configuration cartridges for ARTS)
AEAutomatic Emergency or Auto-Emergency (type of brake system)
AFTCAudio Frequency Track Circuiting
ATCAutomated Train Control
ATPAutomatic Train Protection
ATSAutomatic Train Stop
AVBAutomatic Vacuum Brake
ATSAutomatic Train Stop
BPCBrake Power Certificate (issued before train departure)
BSBraking in Series configuration
BSLBlock Section Limit
BSPBraking in Series-Parallel configuration
CDOCoaching Depot
CLSColour-light signalling
COCRConfirmatory Oscillograph Car Run
COFCContainer on flat car
CTCCentralised Traffic Control
CTRComplete Track Renewal
CWRContinuous Welded Rail (0.5km and longer sections of welded rail)
DACDigital Axle Counter
DBFODesign-Build-Finance-Operate (a scheme for private parties to build and run railway lines with IR's help)
DJFrom the French disjoncteur, the main circuit breaker of an electric loco (usually pneumatically operated, roof-mounted)
DLBIDouble Line Block Instrument
DEMUDiesel-Electric Multiple Unit
DETCDiesel-Electric Tower Car
DHMUDiesel Hydraulic Multiple Unit (hydraulic transmission DMU)
DMHDead Man's Handle (on EMUs)
DMUDiesel Multiple Unit
DPCDriving Power Car
DSDisconnecting Switch (to switch off OHE power to loco circuits, usually manual)
DSCDual-Stacked Container service (or Double-Stacked Container)
DTCDriving Trailer Car (unpowered driving car in EMU rake)
DWDouble wire (of semaphore signals)
EAExtra (time) Allowed (make-up time noted in working time-tables)
ELCMElectronic Load Control Module (governor for DEMUs and other diesels).
EMUElectric Multiple Unit
EOGEnd-On Generator Car
ETCSEuropean Train Control System
EYEmpty (notation for empty rake in real-time train information systems)
FEDLFully Electrified Double Line
FMFouling Mark
FMVFTFrequency-modulated Voice-frequency Telegraph (used for control communications by signals / electric traction / traffic control staff)
FORForward motion (position of master controller in loco)
FPFouling Point; also Feed Pipe (at couplings of vehicles)
GTOGate Turn-Off thyristor
HEPHead-end Power (power from the loco for the coaches)
HFTCHigh-Frequency Track Circuit
HOBCHigh-Output Ballast Cleaner
HOGHead-On Generator
HHPDMUHigh-Horsepower Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
HPDMUHigh-powered Diesel Multiple Unit
HSCBHigh-speed Circuit Breaker
HTHigh Tension
HTCBCHigh Tensile-strength Centre-Buffer Coupler
HTSHigh Tensile-strength Steel
IGBTInsulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
JRIJunction Route Indicator
LOBLube Oil Balance
LTPDSLive Train Position Display System
LVCLast Vehicle Check (automated detection of rake integrity)
LWRLong Welded Rail (5-15 rails welded together in a section)
MACL, MACLS Multiple-Aspect Colour-Light signalling
MCBMaster Circuit Breaker (in locos)
MCIMalleable Cast Iron
MEMUMain-line Electric Multiple Unit
MLRIMulti-Lamp Route Indicator
MNIModified Non-Interlocked (in working timetables)
MOGMid-On Generator Car
MOTMotoring (position of master controller in loco)
NBTNeale's Ball Token
NINon-Interlocked (in working timetables)
NTESNational Train Enquiry System
NXeNtrance-eXit (interlocking panels)
OCVOther Coaching Vehicle - non-passenger coaches, e.g., pantry cars.
OFCOptical Fibre Cable
OHEOverhead Equipment (or foreman for same)
OMSOscillation Monitoring System
PCSPneumatic Control System (loco shut-off/idling control which takes effect on application of emergency brakes)
PCVPassenger Carrying Vehicle (regular passenger coaches, as distinct from OCV - restaurant cars, mail cars, etc.)
PIPanel Interlocking
POETPassenger Operated Enquiry Terminal
RCCRemote Control Centre (for electric traction) Also, Reinforced Cement Concrete (Also see below in Miscellaneous)
REVReverse motion (position of master controller in loco), Reverser
ROSHANRolling Stock Health Analyst (accelerometers and other equipment that monitor coach movement and report deviations from normal behaviour).
RPCResistance Power Control (or Compartment) (in EMU power cars)
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition (monitoring and control system for remote control of electric traction systems)
SESuperelevation (of curved track)
S/LShunting Limit
SLBISingle Line Block Instrument
SODSchedule of Dimensions
SPADSignal Passed At Danger
SPTMSelf-Printing Ticket Machine
SSDACSolid State Digital Axle Counter
SSISolid State Interlocking
STRSchedule of Technical Requirements
STRIStencil type Route Indicator
SWSingle wire (of semaphore signals)
SWRShort Welded Rail (2-4 rails welded together in a section)
Also: Station Working Rules
TABTrain Air Brake
TALQTwo-Aspect Lower Quadrant
TAWDTrain Actuated Warning Device
TBTRThrough Bridge Timber Renewal
TFRThrough Fitting Renewal
TLCTraction Locomotive Controller
TMTraction Motor
TMSTrain Management System (train monitoring used in Bombay suburban sections)
TOFCTrailer on flat car
TPCTraction Power Controller
TRCTrack Recording Car
TROTraction Rolling-stock Operations
TRRThrough Rail Renewal
TRTTraffic Recovery Time (a kind of make-up time allotment in working timetable)
TSSTraction Sub-Station
TSRThrough Sleeper Renewal
TTRThrough Turnout Renewal
TWRThrough Weld Renewal
UPFUnity Power Factor
USFDUltrasonic Flaw Detection
VCCVacuum Continuity Certificate (issued before train departure)
VCBVacuum Circuit Breaker
VRPVoltage Regulating Panel
WFWeak Field
WILDWheel Impact Load Detector
WSRWheel Slip Relay
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