Technical and Non-Technical Cadre Examinations

Technical and Non-Technical Cadre Examinations, Your Way in Building Your Career in Railways:

Every one strives harder to build up own career.  Most of the people if not every one aims to have a successful career life.  That is why it is very important to have knowledge, technical and non-technical in order to land a job.  Education is very important to enhance our ability to deliver a task in our job.  While this comes in different levels, examinations are also being required before getting a position in a company.  One of the required examinations to enter in a staff positions is the Technical and Non-Technical Cadre Examinations.

Technical and Non-Technical Cadre Examinations are being required for staff recruitment in the Railway Recruitment Board.  The Technical Cadre Examination is composed of written tests and interviews.  The final selection is a due process that sometimes does not just focused on one set of test but instead it is a round of tests and even interviews.  So the candidates are really scrutinized and scanned to come up with the best choices.  The tests are normally more on aptitude tests and being determined in the merit list.  It is of course under time pressure but multiple choice objective type of test.  For some categories, a skill test is also being given.  A psychological test is also being conducted especially for categories that are related to operational safety.

The Railway Recruitment Board conducts Technical and Non-Technical Cadre Examinations in different places in India like Allahabad, Jammu, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhopal, and a lot more.  It aims to get successful candidates that will fill up the positions for technical and non-technical works.  The non-technical examinations are composed of four major parts.  One of which is the General English and sometimes Hindi.  Another subject is Mathematics.  General Knowledge and General Intelligence completed the four parts.  The test is objective type and the board looks on the broad knowledge of current events and matters of general interest related to India.  More focus is being given on knowledge about Indian Railways.

Candidates should pass the Technical and Non-Technical Cadre Examinations.  Obviously, successful candidates who passed technical examinations will get the positions related to technical works.  For non-technical successful candidates, clerical works and other positions are also available.  Some can land to as Assistant Station Masters; some can be ticket collectors or train clerks.  Position vacancies are being advertised trough newspapers and Employment News.

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