Terminology of Studies and Practice

Here you can find the Terminology of Each sector which is related to study like: Carpology, Dendrology, Cardiology, Phylogy and much more which helps you to know understand better..

TerminologyA Study Of
ActiologyStudy of Causes Of Disease
AnernologyStudy of Wind
AngiologyStudy of Blood Vessels
AnthropologyStudy of Man
CardiologyStudy of Heart
CarpologyStudy of Fruits And Seeds
CartographyStudy of Map Making
ChoreographyStudy of Dancing
ChorographyStudy of Mapping Of A Region
ChronologyStudy of Dates
CosmologyStudy of Universe
CraniologyStudy of Skulls
CryptologyStudy of Codes
CytologyStudy of Cells
DactylologyStudy of Finger Prints
DemographyStudy of Population `
DendrologyStudy of Trees
DermatologyStudy of Skin
EcologyStudy of Environment
EndocrinologyStudy of Glands
EntomologyStudy of Insects
EpigraphyStudy of Ancient Inscriptions
EpistemologyStudy of Knowledge
EschatologyStudy of Culture
EthnologyStudy of Human Races
EthologyStudy of Animal Behaviour
GenealogyStudy of Ancestry
GerontologyStudy of Old Age
GlottochronologyStudy of History Of Language
GynaeeologyStudy of Women’S Diseases
HaematologyStudy of Blood
HelminthologyStudy of Worms
HirologyStudy of Clock Making
HistolagyStudy of Plant Tissues
HydrologyStudy of Water
lchthylogyStudy of Fish
LexicographyStudy of Dictionary
MyrmecologyStudy of Ants
NosologyStudy of Classification Of Diseases
OdontologyStudy of Teeth
OenologyStudy of Wines
OncologyStudy of Tumours
OnierologyStudy of Dreams
OntologyStudy of Existence
OologyStudy of Eggs
OphilogyStudy of Snakes
OphthalmologyStudy of Eyes
OpmologyStudy of Fruits And Seeds
OrnithologyStudy of Birds
OrplogyStudy of Mountains
OsreologyStudy of Bones
PaedologyStudy of Children
PalaeographyStudy of Ancient Manuscripts
PalaeontologyStudy of Fossils
PathologyStudy of Diseases
PedeologyStudy of Soil
PetrologyStudy of Rocks
PhilogyStudy of Languages
PhrenologyStudy of Character
PhylogyStudy of Plants
PhysiologyStudy of Physical Function Of Living Things
PoemologyStudy of Wars
PotamologyStudy of Rivers
PsephologyStudy of Elections
ScttologyStudy of Vulgar Language
SeismologyStudy of Earthquakes
SelanologyStudy of Moon
SpeleologyStudy of Caves
StomalogyStudy of Mouth Diseases
TexilogyStudy of Flags
TopographyStudy of Surface Features Of A Region
TopologyStudy of Shapes And Surface
TribologyStudy of Friction
TrichologyStudy of Hair
UfologyStudy of Flying Saucers
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