The Matric Level Combined Examination: Preliminary

Understanding the Matric Level Combined Examination- Preliminary Examination Details:

During the month of May, the Staff Selection Commission schedules a Matric Level Combined Examination- Preliminary Examination as a part of the process of selecting applicants who want to qualify for the Main Examinations for the selected job vacancies.

But before you apply for the Matric Level Combined Examination- Preliminary Examination, take note that there are specific qualities that you have to be able to fulfill which include the following:

Nationality: you should be able to qualify for the nationality as defined in the Constitution based in India and not in other countries. This is very important because the vacant office positions are specified for Indian nationals alone.

Age Limit: In order to be qualified as a candidate for the Matric Level Combined Examination- Preliminary Examination, you should not be less than 28 years old and not more than 27 years old as of August 1 before the current year of examinations. In addition, in case you are found to be more than 27 years old, you can be allowed to apply as long as the rules contained in the rule book for such cases can excuse your age; other factors can also alter this information.

Examination Fee: just like in any examination, you have to pay for the examination fee. The fee to be collected by the Indian Postal Orders is Rs 50 (Fifty Rupees); this is the standard amount so you are not to be collected with an amount more than the stated figures. Payments can also be via Central Recruitment Fee Stamps.

Center of Examination: You, as the candidate have the responsibility to check only one center for the examination. After finalizing your schedule, you cannot be allowed to move your schedule to another venue; which is why it is very essential that before submitting your forms you are sure of your decisions.

In the Matric Level Combined Examination- Preliminary Examination, expect that the question types are either objective type questions, multiple choice, and matching type. This is the variety that you should expect which means that you are to review questions which are under the said test types in order to sharpen your mind and your ability in answering such questions before the preliminary examination. Remember that you have to make it through this examination before you are admitted to the main examination and before you get a slot to work under the job type that you chose.

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