Transmission Executive Examination

Transmission executive examination is often conducted once a year in India. This is the main gateway in order for aspiring Indians to get the post of Transmission executive. It is somehow significant to take note of the components of the examination because this will be the basis of passing. A good passing score or grade is a ticket to getting this wonderful position which many people have been dying to get. This also means that when you get the position, everything else follows from good pay to good benefits. In any case, mastery of the subject is a must and it calls for review and dedication to studying.

The transmission executive examination is composed of several parts such as general intelligence, English language and general awareness. Each part has certain significance that they cannot be removed from the exam. The first one talks of the basics in understanding things such as knowing relationships and relevance of ideas and the likes. This may also refer to the term they call “common sense” which is somehow not so common to many people. General intelligence is a good basis for companies to know if you are a person who can be relied on and has the natural tendency to be responsive on things which need immediate action which does not call for supervisor’s advice. It is more or less deducing ideas from the events already.

The other part of the transmission executive examination is the English language. This is a test of your proficiency in English. You can expect a test on grammar and vocabulary or even sentence construction. This is done because the language in itself is considered universal and having much knowledge or having much skill in this is truly an advantage not just for the person who possesses this knowledge but also for the company who shall be hiring. In some parts of the world, proficiency in English has been the main basis for employment and this is why India is requiring for this as well.

The last part in the transmission executive examination is the general awareness which calls for the proper knowledge about the culture or the group or race where you belong as an Indian. This may of course involve history, economics and even science. This is significant because in the different jobs that we may apply to, this topic cannot be avoided. Having no knowledge on this is like not knowing the roots and group where you have come from.

These are the important components of the exam and having said that, much preparation will always be the best answer to this kind of exam to ensure success and good employment.

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Hi sir/madam
I would like to know more about the transmission executive exam. How to prepare for the examination and what are the examination pattern? How can i prepare for the exam, i mean which books do i have to read to be able to crack the written part? Is there any interview procedure after being selected in the written exam? I am a science graduate and also possess a diploma in cinematography from aaft, nioda and currently in a job with a leading news channel of orissa.. so if you please guide me in yhis regard i will be grateful to you.

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