UGC-NET/JRF Examination, 2012

UGC-NET/JRF Examination, 2012
(Held in June 2012)

Direction—(Q1-10): Read the following question and find correct answer from the choices given below these questions—

1. Marginal Revenue of a Monopoly firm is less than the price. Because—
A. Demand curve has a positive slope
B. Demand curve has a negative slope
C. Monopolist incurs losses
D. Monopolist is in equilibrium

2. For an inferior goods, income consumption curve and Engles curves are—
A. Positively sloped
B. Negatively sloped
C. The same
D. Income consumption curve positively sloped and the Engles curve is negatively sloped

3. The classical economics focused on the role of money as—
A. Medium of exchange
B. Medium of distribution
C. Wealth
D. Link between present and future

4. If the demand for money is perfectly interest inelastic, the LM schedule will be-
A. Upward sloping
B. Downward sloping
C. Horizontal line
D. Vertical line

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UGC-NET JRF Examination, 2012
UGC-NET JRF Examination, 2012
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