W.B.PCS Miscellaneous Exam 2011

(W.B.PCS Miscellaneous [Pre. (Morning Shift)] Exam., 2011)
General Studies
(Based on Memory)

1. ‘Danger’—whose album is it?
A. John Lenon
B. Paul Robson
C. M. Jackson
D. Harry Belafonte

2. The nearest planet of the Sun is—
A. Mars
B. Venus
C. Mercury
D. Saturn

3. Who is the author of ‘Abol Tabol’?
A. Upendrakishore Raychowdhuri
B. Sukumar Ray
C. Satyajit Ray
D. Sandip Ray

4. The number of medals won by India in the 2010 Commonwealth Games—
A. 98
B. 101
C. 107
D. 115

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W B PCS Miscellaneous Exam 2011
W B PCS Miscellaneous Exam 2011
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