1945 in History – What happened in year 1945

In history, year 1945 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1945.

Know what happened in 1945:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
03 March A former Armia Krajowa unit massacred at least 150 Ukrainian civilians in Pawlokoma, Poland.
03 MaySecond World War-German ocean liner Cap Arcona, left to floatdefencelessly in the Bay of Lübeck with thousands of prisoners fromvarious concentration camps on board, was attacked and sunk by RAFTyphoons.
06 March Petru Groza of the Ploughmen's Front, became the first Prime Minister of the Communist Party-dominated governments of Romania.
08 MayMost armed forces under German control ceased active operationsby 23:01 CET after the German Instrument of Surrender was formallyratified, marking the end of World War II in Europe.
09 AugustWorld War II-USAAF bomber Bockscar dropped an atomic bombnamed 'Fat Man', devastating Nagasaki, Japan (mushroom cloud pictured).
09 FebruaryWorld War II-HMS Venturer sank U-864 in history's only incident where one submarine has intentionally sunk another while both were fully submerged.
09 March World War II-A bomb raid on Tokyo by American B-29 heavy bombers started a firestorm, killing over 100,000 people.
10 November Indonesian National Revolution-Following the killing of theBritish officer Brigadier A. W. S. Mallaby a few weeks prior, Britishforces began their retaliation by attacking Surabaya, Indonesia.
15 OctoberPierre Laval, twice head of government of Vichy France, wasexecuted for high treason.
16 July Manhattan Project-'Trinity', the first nuclear test explosion,was carried out near Alamogordo, New Mexico.
17 AugustAnimal Farm, British author George Orwell's satirical allegoryof Soviet totalitarianism, was first published.
17 July Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Harry S. Truman, leadersof the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United Statesrespectively, met in Potsdam to decide what should be done with post-World War II Germany.
22 AprilAbout 600 prisoners of the Jasenovac concentration camp in the Independent State of Croatia revolted, but only 80 managed to escape while the other 520 were killed by the Croatian Ustaše regime.
23 FebruaryAmerican photographer Joe Rosenthal took the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima during the Battle of Iwo Jima, an image that was later reproduced as the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial .
24 OctoberThe UN Charter, the constitution of the United Nations, enteredinto force after being ratified by the Republic of China, France, theSoviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, and a majority ofthe other signatories.
25 AugustArmed supporters of the Communist Party of China killedAmerican military intelligence officer and Baptist missionary John Birchas he was leading a mission to reach Allied personnel in a Japaneseprison camp.
30 January World War II-Allied forces liberated over 500 prisoners of war from a Japanese POW camp near Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
20 NovemberThe Nuremberg Trials of 24 leading Nazis involved in theHolocaust and various war crimes during World War II began inNuremberg, Germany.
24 OctoberThe UN Charter, the constitution of the United Nations, enteredinto force after being ratified by the Republic of China, France, theSoviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, and a majority ofthe other signatories.
02 SeptemberOn the deck of the United States Navy battleship Missouri inTokyo Bay, representatives from the Empire of Japan and several AlliedPowers signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, formally endingWorld War II.
11 SeptemberThe Japanese-run camp at Batu Lintang, Sarawak, in Borneo wasliberated by the Australian 9th Division, averting the planned massacreof its 2,000-plus Allied POWs and civilian internees by four days.
11 AugustAmid rumors of kidnappings of children by Jews in Kraków, acrowd of Poles engaged in a pogrom, which resulted in one dead and fivewounded victims.
15 AugustThe Gyokuon-hoso was broadcast in Japan, announcing theunconditional surrender of the Japanese army and naval forces.
17 AugustSukarno and Mohammad Hatta proclaimed the independence ofIndonesia, igniting the Indonesian National Revolution against the DutchEmpire.
31 AugustThe Liberal Party of Australia, one of the two major Australianpolitical parties, was founded to replace the United Australia Party.
04 JulyThe Brazilian cruiser Bahia was accidentally sunk by one ofits own crewmen, killing more than 300 and stranding the survivors inshark-infested waters.
08 MayA parade to celebrate the end of World War II turned into ariot, followed by widespread disturbances and killings in and aroundSétif, French Algeria.
11 AprilWorld War II-American forces liberated the Buchenwaldconcentration camp (watchtower pictured) near Weimar, Germany.
25 AprilGerman troops retreated from northern Finland, bringing theLapland War to a close.
26 AprilWorld War II-Both the German and Polish–Soviet sides claimedvictory as major fighting in the Battle of Bautzen ended.

List of famous birthdays in the year 1945:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
03 AprilDoon Arbus / Author / United States of America
03 JulyMichael Cole / Actor / United States of America
04 AugustAlan Mulally / Business Man / United States of America
07 JuneGilles Marotte / Ice Hockey Player / Canada
08 March Sylvia Wiegand / Mathematician / United States of America
10 SeptemberGerard Henderson / Author / Australia
11 JunePatrick Joseph McGrath / Bishop / Ireland
15 SeptemberRon Shelton / Producer / United States of America
16 DecemberPatti Deutsch / Actress / United States of America
16 AugustRussell Brookes / Racing Car Driver / United Kingdom
17 JuneKen Livingstone / Politician / United Kingdom
20 JulyLarry Craig / Politician / United States of America
24 NovemberLee Michaels / Writer / United States of America
24 SeptemberLou Dobbs / Author / United States of America
25 NovemberPatrick Nagel / Painter / United States of America
26 OctoberDemetris Th. Gotsis / Poet / Greece
26 SeptemberLouise Beaudoin / Politician / Canada
27 NovemberPhil Bloom / Actress / Netherlands
28 OctoberSandy Berger / Politician / United States of America
28 AugustBob Segarini / Writer / United States of America

List of famous Indian birthdays in the year 1945:

YearName / Profession / Country
17 SeptemberBhakti Charu Swami / Religious Leader / India
17 SeptemberJoginder Jaswant Singh / Soldier / India
17 January Javed Akhtar / Poet / India
10 DecemberRanjana Kumar / Economist / India
03 OctoberMadhavrao Scindia / Politician / India
26 MayVilasrao Deshmukh / Politician / India
06 DecemberShekhar Kapur / Producer / India
31 MarchMeira Kumar / Lawyer / India
26 MayVilasrao Deshmukh / Politician / India
13 AugustRobin Jackman / Cricketer / India
30 JulyNavin Chawla / Civil Servant / India
20 DecemberSivakant Tiwari / Author / India
23 MayPadmarajan / Writer / India
09 OctoberAmjad Ali Khan / Instrumentalist / India
10 March Madhavrao Scindia / Politician / India
24 JulyAzim Premji / Business Man / India
12 MayK. G. Balakrishnan / Lawyer / India
02 AugustBunker Roy / Activist / India
21 AprilSrinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan / Cricketer / India
22 AprilGopalkrishna Gandhi / Politician / India

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