1996 in History – What happened in year 1996

In history, year 1996 has its own importance and known for many memorable events like famous birthdays, inventions, natural disaster, treaties, change of rulers, special days etc. Find below a list of important historical events which happened during the year 1996.

Know what happened in 1996:

Date/MonthEvent / Incidence / Incident
03 November Abdullah Çatli, a drug trafficker, a contract killer, and aleader of the ultra-nationalist Nationalist Movement Party, was killedin a car crash near Susurluk, Balikesir Province, Turkey, sparking theSusurluk scandal which exposed the depth of the state's complicity inorganized crime.
05 January Hamas operative Yahya Ayyash was assassinated by a bomb-laden cell phone, planted by Israel's Shin Bet.
09 January First Chechen War
11 AprilWhile attempting to set a record as the youngest person to pilot an airplane across the United States, the plane flown by seven-year-old Jessica Dubroff crashed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, killing her and two others.
13 JuneAfter an 81-day standoff sparked by their refusal to be evictedfrom their foreclosed property in Jordan, Montana, US, the ChristianPatriot group Montana Freemen surrendered to the FBI.
13 March In the deadliest attack on children in the history of the United Kingdom, a spree killer murdered sixteen children and a teacher at a primary school in Dunblane, Scotland.
16 OctoberAt least 83 people were killed and more than 140 injured whenan excessive number of fans attempted to squeeze into Guatemala City'sEstadio Mateo Flores to see the 1998 FIFA World Cup qualification matchbetween Guatemala and Costa Rica.
18 DecemberThe school board of Oakland, California, passed a controversialresolution officially declaring African American Vernacular English as aseparate language or dialect.
21 MayAlgerian Civil War-The remains of seven French Trappist monkswho had been kidnapped in Algeria nearly two months earlier were found.
23 November Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 was hijacked, then crashed intothe Indian Ocean near Comoros after running out of fuel, killing 125 ofthe 175 people on board.
28 July The remains of the prehistoric Kennewick Man were discovered ona bank of the Columbia River near Kennewick, Washington, US.
31 January Japanese amateur astronomer Yuji Hyakutake discovered Comet Hyakutake, which was one of the closest cometary approaches of the previous 200 years.
26 DecemberSix-year-old American beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey was foundbeaten and strangled in the basement of her family's home in Boulder,Colorado, a murder that generated extensive coverage from the Americanmedia.
21 NovemberLebanese politician Pierre Amine Gemayel (pictured), a vocalcritic of Syria's military presence in and political domination ofLebanon, was assassinated in Jdeideh.
04 JuneThe maiden flight of the Ariane 5 failed, with the rocket self-destructing 37 seconds after launch because of a malfunction in thecontrol software—one of the most expensive computer bugs in history.
11 MayA severe blizzard on Mount Everest caused the deaths of eightclimbers, helping make that year the deadliest in the mountain'shistory.
18 AprilIsraeli forces shelled Qana, Lebanon, during Operation Grapesof Wrath, killing over 100 civilians and injuring over 110 others at aUN compound.
03 JanuaryThe Motorola StarTAC, the first clamshell mobile phone, wasreleased and went on to become one of the first mobile phones to gainwidespread consumer adoption.
03 AprilA U.S. Air Force CT-43 crashed into a mountainside whileattempting an instrument approach to Dubrovnik Airport in Dubrovnik,Croatia, killing U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown and all the other34 people on board.
07 NovemberNASA launched the Mars Global Surveyor from the Kennedy SpaceCenter at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
12 NovemberA Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747 and a Kazakhstan Airlinescargo plane collided in mid-air near New Delhi, killing 349 people.
15 JuneThe Provisional Irish Republican Army detonated a bomb in thecommercial centre of Manchester, England, injuring over 200 people andcausing widespread damage to buildings.
15 February A Long March 3B rocket carrying the communications satelliteIntelsat 708 crashed immediately after launch from the Xichang SatelliteLaunch Center, China, destroying a nearby town and killing an unknownnumber of inhabitants.
18 DecemberThe school board of Oakland, California, passed a controversialresolution officially declaring African American Vernacular English as aseparate language or dialect.
18 AprilIsraeli forces shelled Qana, Lebanon, during Operation Grapesof Wrath, killing over 100 civilians and injuring over 110 others at aUN compound.
18 MarchThe deadliest fire in Philippine history burned a nightclub inQuezon City, leaving 162 dead.
19 January A tank barge and a tug grounded on a beach in South Kingstown,Rhode Island, US, spilling an estimated 828,000 US gallons(3,130,000 l) of home heating oil.
25 SeptemberThe last Magdalene asylum, an Irish institution to rehabilitateso-called 'fallen women', was closed.
26 DecemberThe Federation of Korean Trade Unions called upon its 1.2million members to walk off the job, beginning the largest organizedstrike in the nation's history,
26 JuneIrish crime reporter Veronica Guerin was murdered while she wasstopped at a traffic light, an event which helped establish Ireland'sCriminal Assets Bureau.

List of famous birthdays in the year 1996:

Date/MonthName / Profession / Country
01 JulyAdelina Sotnikova / Figure Skater / Russia
03 AprilMayo Hibi / Tennis Player / Japan
04 SeptemberAshton Golding / Rugby Player / United Kingdom
04 March Lukas Webb / Footballer / Australia
04 NovemberKaitlin Hawayek / Dancer / United States of America
05 February Stina Blackstenius / Footballer / Sweden
07 February Alessandro Mastalli / Footballer / Italy
10 AprilThanasi Kokkinakis / Tennis Player / Australia
10 MayTyus Jones / Basketball Player / United States of America
11 JulyAlessia Cara / Singer / Canada
11 JuneKaleo Kanahele / Volleyball Player / United States of America
17 AugustJake Virtanen / Ice Hockey Player / Canada
18 March Madeline Carroll / Actress / United States of America
19 March Barbara Haas / Tennis Player / Austria
21 February Sophie Turner / Actress / United Kingdom
22 NovemberMadison Davenport / Actress / United States of America
23 DecemberBartosz Kapustka / Footballer / Poland
25 JuneSione Mata'utia / Rugby Player / Australia
28 JuneDonna Vekić / Tennis Player / Croatia
29 NovemberAkvilė Paražinskaitė / Tennis Player / Lithuania

List of famous Indian birthdays in the year 1996:

YearName / Profession / Country
07 AugustAditya Joshi / Badminton Player / India
05 JuneApoorva Arora / Actress / India
18 JulySmriti Mandhana / Player / India

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