Zoology Fast Facts – One Liner

Below are some of online liner fast facts, true statements, true theories, real concepts related to Zoology, given in a short description with in a line.

  • Plasma is the liquid part of Blood
  • 70% of an adult body is water.
  • A collective name for unicellular fungi is Yeast.
  • Any animal having a backbone or vertebral column is Vertebrate.
  • Sillicosis is a lung disease caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust.
  • The process of growing old; the period of old age is Senescence.
  • The process of bone formation is Ossification.
  • Nematoda is a class of elongated roundworms.
  • A sheetlike tissue covering biological cells is Membrane.
  • Surgical removal of the breast is Mastectomy.
  • A plant eating organism is Herbivore.
  • Filariasis is an infestation with parasitic thread-like worms.
  • Ergonomics is the study relating to efficient use of human energy.
  • The study of insects is Entomology.
  • Inflammation of the brain is Encephalitis.
  • Painful inflammation of bone joints is Arthritis.
  • The solidification of blood is ‘ called Blood clotting.
  • Aorta is the main artery leading out of heart carrying oxygenated blood.
  • Artery is the blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart. .
  • The scientific study of poisons is Toxicology.
  • Transplantation is the grafting of a tissue or an Organ.
  • Acute or chronic viral inflammation of the liver is Hepatitis.
  • Human Immune Deficiency Virus is HIV.
  • Appertaining to heart is called Cardiac
  • Chyme is the partially digested food after leaving the stomach.
  • Any substance or agent capable of causing cancer is called Carcinogen.
  • A substance which inhibits vomiting is Antiemetic.
  • A condition in which the normal skin colour is absent if called Albinism.
  • Hypersensitivity is called Allergy.
  • A unicellular fresh water organism is called Amoeba.
  • A condition marked by low haemoglobin content of the blood is Anaemia.
  • Metamorphosis is a word which describes a change in an animal.
  • The scientific study of ageing is Gerontology.
  • One of the two proteins in the muscle is Actin.
  • Genetic code is a sequence of bases along the DNA molecule.
  • The inflammation of the appendix is called Appendicitis.
  • A tonsil is an infectious gastrointestinal disease that causes fever.
  • Grafting of one tissue to another tissue: of the same organism is called Autograft.
  • A class of extremely small relatively simple micro- organisms is called Bacteria
  • Biomass is the weight or volume of all the organisms living in a specified area.
  • The part of the earth which supports life is called Biosphere
  • A chronic disease that can produce severe swelling of the joints is Gout.
  • An inherited disease in which the blood fails to clot is called Haemophilia
  • A condition caused by overexposure to the sun is called Heat stroke.
  • The offspring of parents of different races, varieties or species is Hybrids.
  • A temporary condition of altered attention in an individual is Hypnosis.
  • Reproduction by the mating of closely related Individuals is Inbreeding.
  • Keratitis is any inflammation involving the cornea of the eye.
  • Exchanges in the tissue brought about by the local death of cells is Necrosis.
  • Neurosis is emotional disturbance that adversely affects thinking and judgment.
  • Obesity is overweight of the body due to excessive accumulation of fat.
  • A branch of science dealing with the study of teeth is Odontology.
  • Any micro-organism that causes disease is Pathogen.
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